Age Appropriate Chores for your Kindergartner


Our oldest starting doing small chores around the house when he was about 4. Now that he’s nearly 6, we’ve had him start being more consistent and regular with helping around the house. I remember growing up I earned an allowance, whether it be cash or into my checking account. Right now we have him doing chores he already should be doing anyways, so he’s not reinforced with money or video game time. Here’s a few things of his chores he does from time to time.

Age Appropriate Chores for your Kindergartner | East Valley Moms Blog

  1. Putting toys and books away.
  2. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  3. Help put clothes away on hangers and match socks
    – A great idea for young preschoolers and kindergartners is to have your little one name the colors of socks and match them together for you. For the hangers, I lay out his shirt and help him guide the hanger into it, then hang them up for him.
  4. Feeding the pets.
  5. Age Appropriate Chores for your Kindergartner | East Valley Moms Blog
  6. Water the plants and pulling weeds.
    -Every week he helps his grandma water his little garden he has there. He loves being rewarded with seeing it grow and being able to eat his strawberries.
  7.  Clearing the table and putting dishes in the sink.
  8.  Folding towels
    -Another idea for little ones is to practice folding towels and their small blankets into shapes and naming the shape.


What are some chores your kids do around the house?


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