Pregnancy Glucose Testing 101


Congratulations!! You’re Pregnant! Wow, it’s such an exciting time. Full of lots of Doctors Appointments and Discomfort. Keep telling yourself the end result is SO worth it. At some point during your pregnancy you’ll have to do at least one, maybe two glucose tests. When your doctor tells you the news, you’ll likely do what we all do and google “glucose testing“. 

Pregnancy Glucose Testing 101 | East Valley Moms Blog - Ashley LessardNow let me start by saying I’m not a Doctor, nor am I an expert in any way. I’m just someone who has spent 12 hours of my life glucose testing, and am also lucky enough to have Gestational Diabetes not once, but twice. As I showed up for my last glucose test, I got to meet a wonderful first time mommy-to-be. She told me she was so nervous about doing her 3 hour glucose test, and started asking me all about my experiences. I told her the unfortunate news that I have failed all of my glucose tests while pregnant. She was shocked, and then she started telling me all these “tricks to pass” she found on the internet.

Tip #1: This brings me to my first, and most important tip for you- STOP GOOGLING. I know that in this day and age it is an incredibly hard thing to do. But I promise you that googling will only cause you to stress and give you anxiety (which will actually increase your blood sugar). Google is your worst enemy when it comes to Glucose Testing.

Tip #2: Don’t read “Tips and Tricks to pass”. Because the fact is, while I’ll be the first to admit Gestational Diabetes SUCKS (I won’t lie to you), it is important for your health and your baby’s health to know if you have it and take care of yourself. Do what your doctor says, if they tell you to fast, then you should fast. If they tell you to not drink water for any period of time, then don’t drink water. Trying to “cheat” the test will only do you and our baby harm in the long run. 

Tip #3: Bring plenty to keep your mind occupied. Especially if you are doing the long and grueling 3 hour test, you will get very bored. If you sit there thinking about the task at hand you will stress yourself and go crazy. Bring plenty to do so you don’t wind up googling (refer back to tip #1). 

Tip #4: Listen to your doctor. This goes along with tip #2, but make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions and don’t be afraid to ask any question along the way. Every first time mom will have questions- ASK THEM.

Tip #5: Accept your results. Whether you have Gestational Diabetes or not, ask for your numbers and accept them. The test is made to see how your body is processing sugar. It is no surprise that your body changes a lot throughout pregnancy (this is something we all know). Sometimes the hormones and changes in your body have the effect of changing the way your pancreas makes insulin to process sugar. Know the changes and work hard to make sure you and your baby stay healthy. 

Moral of the story is this: GOOGLING IS BAD when it comes to any aspect of your health, but particularly when you are pregnant. Call and ASK YOUR DOCTOR. Don’t be afraid to be the person that calls to ask questions frequently. They would rather you do that then google, I promise. 

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