6 things I did as a SAHM once my youngest started school


Today I’m sharing six things I did as a SAHM to reconnect to myself now that all my kids are in school. After staying home for four years, I realized my own cup was empty, so when my youngest started school, here’s how I filled my own cup.

6 things I did as a SAHM once my youngest started school
6 things I did as a SAHM once my youngest started school

For many of you stay at home moms (here’s what contributor Cara wishes she knew about being a SAHM before she became one), the start of kindergarten this year marks a very uncertain time – – especially for those of you who are sending your youngest, your last little kidlet on her way into the world.  

You arrive home after watching your littlest one hop on the school bus, or run into her brand new kindergarten classroom and sit down on your couch and think to yourself:

“Now what?”

I went through this just one short year ago. (And here’s three contributor’s varying experiences as SAHMs). 

My husband and I made the choice to send our 4 year olds to a full day preschool program.  So after staying home with them for 4 years, I got home that morning sat down on my sofa and just let it sink in. I had been waiting for this day for years and suddenly I was overwhelmed. What in the world was I going to do? I was drained and needed to reconnect to myself.

I’ll tell you what I did. I started my own business. I had been dabbling in graphic and blog design for a couple of months. After the kids started school, I took that final leap and haven’t looked back.Keep reading to be inspired with what you can do as a SAHM once your kids are all in school to pour into yourself.

6 things I did as a SAHM once my youngest started school to fill my own cup 

  1. Learn a new skill.  As I mentioned, I learned a brand new skill and was able to start a successful business.  I had forgotten how exciting it was to learn something new and apply that knowledge to an income generating system. After not contributing financially for years, it felt amazing to be able to do so.   I had so much fun learning graphic and blog design.  Sure there were moments when I wanted to toss my computer through the patio door at 2am, but it was still FUN! Find something that you’ve always wanted to know how to do and take the steps to learn how to do it.  There are tons of free courses online and you might even want to check out classes at Mesa Community College.
  2. Rediscover your faith.  Once the boys went to school, I started attending daily Mass 2-3 times per week.  I can’t tell you the difference that made in my everday life.  Many of you aren’t Catholic, so daily Mass probably won’t work for you.  How about committing to reading scriptures and praying daily?  Or finding a new faith based book to read?  Or perhaps finding a small group Bible study (a few of the team goes to Cornerstone Chandler)?  So many options, and trust me if your faith has suffered a bit over the years, this renewal will work wonders for you!
  3. Start a blog.  I am a bit of a blog junkie.  Everytime I have a new idea, the first thing I do is buy the domain name and build a blog.  I should create a group called Bloggers Anonymous.  Anyhow – – you have so much knowledge in that brain of yours.  It’s time to harness it and share it with the world.  Are you an amazing organizer?  Do you create amazing meal plans?  Do you make homemade cleaning supplies, or essential oils?  There are literally thousands of ideas and many different ways to go with this.  And who knows, you may be able to make a little bit of extra cash!  
  4. Reconnect with long lost friends.  We all know it happens from time to time.  Life gets in the way and before you know it, you haven’t talked to your former BFF in 5 years.  Take some time to send an email, facebook message or even pick up the phone and make a date for coffee or lunch to catch up. Here’s a few tips for keeping in touch with long distance besties after kids.
  5. Volunteer.  This one is pretty self explanatory, but check out different volunteer opportunities at your kids’ school, your church or community organizations.  I volunteered in my kids’ religious classroom at school, LOVED it and plan on volunteering again this year. If you don’t think you enjoy school volunteering, here’s six tips on not hating school volunteering.
  6. Take a day off.  Seriously.  Pick a day a week or every other week to just relax.  Go get a massage or a pedicure.  Watch crappy reality TV.  Let the chores go for the day.   You deserve it!



  1. My little one just started kindergarden too. Its so weird nothaving my kiddies, but they only go half day so the time flies. Still, I find myself kinda bored now, so I fill my morning with a workoutat TBF bootcamp while she is at school. I also find this a great opportunity to volunteer at the church, and just do my healthy cooking or prepping of veggies.

  2. This was me on yesterday! My 6 year old son started 1st Grade (on a Friday!) and I couldn’t wait. I had dealt with the nervousness and the uneasiness last year when he started Kindergarten. This year I was set. We met his teacher earlier in the week. Same school, same bus driver. Let’s go!

    After spending my first summer as a WAHM with him every day, I was ready to get back to my goals full-time. I spent some quality time with him on Thursday to ease my guilt. LOL. On Friday I was pushing him out the door. Can’t wait for Monday!


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