Reading Enrichment: How We Used an Online Tutoring Service for My Advanced Reader


Girl doing online tutoring with Go PeerWhen my first grader, Braylin, started reading, she really started reading. We always knew she loved books and being read to, but once she was given the proper tools and really learned how to read last year in kindergarten, she took off. 

More recently we had parent-teacher conferences and her teacher informed us of her off-the-charts reading scores. We knew we had a bright child, but seeing it on paper was a proud moment for us. We also knew that given her school’s already rigorous curriculum, we needed to continue to support her at home, too.

We decided to try an online tutoring program to supplement her studies at school and give her a little reading enrichment (from a professional, not her parents). Our goal was to have GoPeer be a fun activity that she could do weekly, but also sharpen her reading skills. 



The immediate appeal of GoPeer is convenience. I was able to easily create an account and fill out exactly what we were looking for to help Braylin. Within minutes my phone was going off with emails and text messages from tutors ready to help us. 

We had four choices for reading tutors, each with different backgrounds, qualifications and availability. We ultimately decided to go with Tess, a student at George Washington University. Her profile was well written, warm and really gave us an idea of who would be teaching our 7-year-old. 

We met with Tess for a quick ‘get to know you’ interview via the GoPeer website and Braylin was immediately drawn to her.

Girl reading on couch

Tess had experience with another child close to Braylin’s age and already had ideas of how to provide the best reading enrichment experience for her. 

Tess laid out the plan: One 30-minute session every week, where she and Braylin would read books, work on vocabulary words and reading comprehension.

We picked a day and time that worked for both of our schedules and Tess immediately booked the sessions. I was able to save them directly to my calendar, because we all know if it’s not there, it’s not happening.

Braylin was giddy with excitement.

As a child who truly loves to learn, this is something just for her to help her in her studies. She felt special and providing a positive tutoring experience will hopefully keep her excited about her education and seeking out help when needed.

Whether your child needs a little extra help with their homework; or if they are looking for some advanced learning opportunities — there is something for everyone.

GoPeer offers services for students of all ages and varying subjects (like 150+ subjects from guitar to marine biology to AP courses for high schoolers).

Session length and frequency can be customized to fit your schedule, making it ideal for busy families. Plus, the online aspect allows for it to be done from home and eliminates mom having to drive to another activity.

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