Our Second Annual Airport Party at Falcon Field | April 2022


airport partyMore than 300 petite pilots and their families joined us this past weekend at Falcon Field for our second annual airport party! 

Families fueled up with Duck Donuts first before heading into the Wings of Flight hanger for personalized tours of WWII airplanes. (Falcon Field was an aviation training destination for British cadets in the 1940s, and we’re so lucky to have such history in our backyard as part of the Falcon District in Mesa. This local non profit is committed to preserving the history of Mesa’s impact to the war through aviation.

If you missed the airport party, families can always DIY their own with Falcon Field’s aviation viewing deck that’s open to the public during City hours (Monday-Thursdays, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.), we like to pack a picnic and watch the planes takeoff for a fun morning adventure!

After the hanger tours, kids were invited to design artful paper airplanes, guided by heART, a local Gilbert company who facilitates guided art between kids and their caregivers. (They are launching bi-weekly art classes on Saturdays in Gilbert.) There were stickers, paint pens, crayons and so many art supplies including a few no-mess options that I definitely added to my online shopping cart!

Kids could design their own paper airplane, or follow one of six different folding designs with directions provided. 

Each family also left with so much swag, from huge airplane gliders from Western State Bank, to a multitude of prizes from Noah Webster Charter School’s prize wheel (and meet the Mesa campus principal!). Candelen, a local nonprofit who supports early childhood education, brought the bubble party, plus a craft station for tots to practice fine motor skills making fruit loop necklaces. 

We are so grateful to have met so many of you in person, and we’re also so happy to share more about our event sponsors who made the event possible. 

  • Western State Bank | Boasting both Mesa and Chandler locations, this bank offers small town feeling customer service (really–they know Mav in their Mesa location!), and has an incredible kids saving account program called the Little Buckaroos Savings Club. If you haven’t opened up a bank account for your kids, head down to Western State Bank where your kid can earn play money to buy real toys with their savings incentives for each $10 of real money deposited.
  • Duck Donuts | Located in Chandler, they’re always stepping up their holiday donuts for different days like St. Patrick’s Day to Easter and beyond. Owned by a local husband who started the business after his wife’s intense donut cravings with one of her pregnancies, we love supporting local parent-owned shops, especially when they’re serving up incredible donuts. airport party
  • Noah Webster Charter Schools | With two campuses, Noah Webster Charter Schools offers family school choice by providing a technologically advanced public, non-profit charter school, at no cost to families. Families are invited to tour the campuses with the principal any Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. Learn more about campus tours here.
  • Candelen | Candelen joins with local families, communities and systems to illuminate the inherent potential of children to shine their brightest. Their early childhood experts offer educational programs, supportive services and helpful tools for parents, caregivers, decision makers and educators to collectively and holistically advance every child’s development.

Want to see more family fun? Check out our 1st annual airport party here!


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