Greta Brandt: Meet the Mom Making Moves in the CBD/Cannabis Industry


cannabisEast Valley Moms is here to support ALL moms on their journey of parenthood.  Sometimes, we have the opportunity to meet some truly amazing mamas doing big things in unique ways or in interesting spaces.  Meet Greta Brandt – mom of three and President of The Flower Shop, a craft cannabis business thriving all over the valley and opening up soon in Mesa!

Tell us about you and your family!

I grew up in Arizona, got my law degree at Gonzaga University in Washington, and came back to practice law here in the Valley.  I am married to Justin, also a lawyer, and together we have three kids: Harvey, Odette, and Bode.

How did you become involved in the cannabis industry?

I was practicing corporate law and had a client who wanted to obtain the licenses for this kind of business.  That client ultimately merged with another business and I worked on the M&A [merger and acquisition] while on bed rest with my second child through the months following her birth.  I ended up going in house as the new company’s general counsel.  After really learning the business for a couple of years, I asked the CEO for the opportunity to become the company’s President and here I am.  I learned the business inside and out through a combination of self-teaching, night classes for things like accounting practices, and through hands-on work in every department, including trimming and packaging. 

What do you love about the business?

I love the pace and the complexity of it.  Things age in dog-years it feels like – the laws, regulations, and processes are all evolving so quickly that you really need to be on top of it in order to be successful.

How do you manage the pace of your business with your role as Mom?

I have a lot of help – my husband is a great partner and we are lucky to have loving and trustworthy caretakers.  I also make the conscious effort to block my time so I am always giving my best in what I am doing.  When I’m at work, I am really at work, and that is my focus.  When I’m at home, I am really at home and my family is my priority.  I am not checking email, my phone, working, or anything else during that sacred time with my family, especially my kids.

Of course, I experience mom guilt but I love my job and I know I’m my best me as a working mom.  It is also important to block out all the external noise from other people’s opinions.  How my family operates is my family’s business.  Some days are better than others but, on the whole, our rhythm works for us and no one else’s opinion matters.  Women need to lift each other up so that, whatever choices we make, they are supported ones!

What advice do you have for other moms considering a change in career or industry?

“GO FOR IT!”  No one is able to make you happy besides yourself.  Do what works for you.  There is no one clear cut way to be a working mom so find what works for you and your family.  No one else’s decision about whether or not you “should” work is important.  You already have enough pressure on you – you don’t need that external noise.  If you want it, go for it, and own it!

What is something you wish people knew about CBD or the cannabis industry?

It’s okay to be curious and there isn’t any shame in giving it a try and incorporating it into your life if it works for you!  When people find out what industry I’m in, they naturally have a lot of questions that maybe they never felt they could ask.  People who use CBD or other cannabis products aren’t necessarily “stoners.”  Maybe they eat a gummy or take a mint product instead of having a glass of wine to wind down at night.  No one really questions the mom who has that glass of wine and people should be free to explore cannabis in the same way – it can be really beneficial!

My company focuses on blending cannabinoids scientifically to provide product lines that are tailored for the experience you want.  We even have a women’s line (called “LadyLike”) that helps with things like anxiety, depression, and insomnia – things women are 2-3 times more likely to suffer from than men – plus PMS symptoms!  The idea isn’t to get “high,” but rather to treat the conditions you’re dealing with using an alternative to pharmaceuticals or even alcohol.

Remember, just as you’d always keep your adult beverages or prescription meds out of the hands of your littles, it is important to keep your cannabis products safely stored away from kids. 

How do you make sure your personal cup is filled?

I get up really early – usually 4:30 a.m.  That way, I have about 90 minutes to slowly drink my cup of coffee, get ready for my day, watch a show, and just be in the quiet of my home before my kids wake up.  That early quiet and stillness is so important to a functional day for me.

Also, my weekends with my kids.  I soak them up as much as I can – we are constantly doing activities and I make sure to fit in one-on-one time so each of my kids has that uncompromised mom time.

I’d love for exercise to be part of this routine for me – maybe next year!

Learn more about Greta in her professional bio!

Greta Brandt currently serves as President for The Flower Shop AZ and True North of Utah, LLC (True North Organics and The Flower Shop Utah), which collectively operates five vertically integrated marijuana dispensaries, four cultivation sites and processing facilities in Arizona and Utah. She also serves as a Board Member and Officer for two Arizona not-for-profit corporations that currently operate three licensed dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Arizona. As it relates to company operations under the AZ and UT Medical Marijuana Program and Adult Use Program, Greta interfaces with all Arizona and Utah regulators, including the Arizona Department of Health Services and, Utah Department of Agriculture, Utah Department of Health Services, and various local municipalities. Greta serves as a President of the Utah Cannabis Association, which comprises of cannabis operators in the state, and remains active in the community as a member of the Arizona Dispensary Association. Lastly, Greta is a corporate attorney licensed in California and Arizona.

Nothing in this article should be considered medical advice and/or an endorsement by East Valley Moms on the health benefits or efficacy of any product.  We encourage and support each mom to live her best life, whatever that may include!


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