How many extracurriculars are kids enrolled in? We asked Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and QC moms


Every year we host a big reader survey to collect a pulse check from local moms surrounding lots of parenting topics that are helpful to see what works inside other local families. 

In parenthood, it’s so helpful to hear from other families on how moms navigate things like the going rate of the tooth fairy, how old kids first stayed home alone, and other fun questions that sometimes you just want to see if “everybody else” really is doing something like your tween/teen assure you they are. 

Today we’re sharing more about extracurriculars and how families budget time and resources surrounding after school activities.

We aren’t here to tell anybody what they should do, we’re just sharing what’s working for other families in our community, because sometimes it’s nice to have a gut check.


East Valley Moms 

In our most recent survey, we asked: how many extracurriculars are your kids in at once?

  • 12% of school aged parents say their kids aren’t in any extracurriculars
  • 53% of families shared that their kids are in one extracurricular activity at a time 
  • 30% of parents reported their kids are in two extracurriculars at the same time
  • 5% have kids enrolled in three or more activities at once 

A few resources, if you’re currently evaluating extracurricular options for this school year:

6 ways to support your student athlete

If you’re like contributor Kim and figuring out the teen sports world as you go, let Kim help with some tips she’s picked up along the last seven years of volleyball transitioning from an after school activity to her daughter’s passion.

If you’re looking for an extracurricular activity to give your kid a confidence boost

Contributor Kira shared how East Valley Children’s Theater coached confidence into her timid daughter. We hope Kira’s daughter’s story about finding herself through theater is helpful in perhaps seeing the vital importance of arts education for children, and how it’s not about the performance, but about what kid’s get out of an extracurricular activity.

If your kid loves band/orchestra but it’s a fight to get them to practice 

Grandma Ginger has you covered with 8 tips for encouraging music practice at home. 

She’s survived this season of life. Five instruments and 27 years later, Grandma Ginger is the proud parent of an accomplished symphonic musician who has proven that the years of painful practice hours can pay off. Here are some tips that worked (most of the time) for her



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