Dating During a Pandemic


No, this post isn’t tips to navigating dating apps during a global pandemic, because well…I’m a happily married woman, but it is ideas of how to continue dating your spouse during a quarantine. One vow that my husband and I made to each other was to always continue to date one another. Are we pros at it? No, but we do make diligent efforts to spend quality time together, which allows us to maintain a strong marriage. Not to mention, we are also realists, and getting out of the house for a date night isn’t always that simple. Long before the Coronavirus pandemic, we started finding ways to date at home because, let’s be honest, I don’t like leaving our daughter. Little did we know, these at-home date night ideas would be our only way to continue to date one another during this crazy quarantine. So here’s a list of both our favorite at-home date nights and future planned ones:

  • Homemade pizza night: What’s more romantic than tossing pizza dough in the air?!
  • At-home beer or wine tasting: Many stores have “Build Your Own Six Pack” options and if you are craft beer drinkers like us, it’s the perfect way to try out new ones!
  • Husband vs. Wife Game Night Competition: Customize to any series of games! We personally enjoy reliving our college years with this one (beer pong, flip cup, Mario Kart).
  • Paint Night: Bring out your inner Bob Ross and let those creative juices flow. There’s also plenty of YouTube tutorials for non-painters like me.
  • Dinner & a movie: Sounds cliche but it’s a big night in our house if I make it through an entire movie after 8pm.
  • Living Room Campout: Who doesn’t love eating junk food inside a fort?!
  • Chopped Challenge: This is completely inspired by some Real Housewives of Dallas. Pick out certain ingredients and each make a dish using only those ingredients. Best dish wins!
  • Spa Night: Nothing screams romance like a candlelight massage

There are hundreds of ideas out there, but the key is finding the ones that mean the most to you and your spouse. Afterall, these at-home date nights may end up being some of your favorite memories!


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