Children’s Museum of Phoenix Review


Today we are venturing outside of the East Valley to explore The Children’s Museum of Phoenix! We chose a membership to the Children’s Museum for an easy place to meet our West Valley friends. It quickly turned into our favorite place and we think it is worth the drive. 

Keep reading for some things to know before you go and how to maximize your day at the museum!



Is the Phoenix Children’s Museum good for Babies?

My personal favorite spot is the 3 and under play room where no shoes are allowed. The tiny humans are contained and you can chat with your mom friend. If you have older kiddos as well, there is also an area within this room designed for ages 4 and up. 

There are bins throughout the museum that you can toss dirty toys into for cleaning, in case little ones get mouthy on exhibit toys 😉

The museum is also very stroller friendly and also offers a nursing mother’s room.

When is the best time to go to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix 

If your little ones get easily overwhelmed, the museum publishes a calendar where caregivers can see how many field trips, etc., are booked to visit the museum on a specific date. On days there’s a field trip, their events calendar will list it with the number of children, such as “field trip–308 attendees.”

If your schedule is flexible, this is most certainly worth it if you have younger toddlers or kids who don’t like crowds, avoid the field trip days. They’re usually a little more chaos than a usual day at the museum is.

Membership Perks & Free Fridays at Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Children's Museum of Phoenix ReviewHeads up on admission pricing: babies over one year old need a paid ticket ($17).

If you are looking to try out the museum before committing to the ticket price or membership fee, they always offer “First Friday Free.” The museum is open free of charge from 5-9pm every first Friday of the month. Here’s more budget hacks we’ve shared on planning a visit here.

When I see memberships pay for themselves after X number of visits, I am hooked! Mom math means we are saving money, right?

Not only does our membership come with two, one-time use guest passes for friends, it includes other discounts and special invitations for exhibit previews and unique events.

The museum also hosts members-only extended play hours on the 3rd Friday of each month from 4-7pm. 

Constantly Changing Exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix 

Children's Museum of Phoenix ReviewWith three floors to explore I love how every time we visit it feels as if there is something new to see and do. Like the recent “The Pigeon Comes to Phoenix! A Mo Willems Exhibit.” Each summer they also have fun foam/bubble parties on select days to keep things exciting for kids returning.

We also love the classic things that never change. Like the trip to the grocery store, riding tricycles through the “car wash”, racing skates down the ramp, playing outside on the trucks, and serving up ice cream and hot dogs.

My least favorite spot in the museum is the noodle forest, especially when the big kids accidentally run over the little kids. Just watch out for that one if you have little ones, mama.  

Something for Everyone 

One of my favorite things about the museum is how it caters to a wide variety of ages and stages. There are baby areas, toddler areas, and so much for the big kids too.

From imaginative play with costumes, to a big climbing structure, changing projects in the art room, materials for building, and even little reading nooks, all the details have been well thought out. 

Special Events 

In the winter time we love sock skating. The museum also hosts visits with Santa and a Noon Years Eve party (with discounted tickets for members). Most days, they have at least a few programmed events on the events calendar that are included in general admission. Again, it’s worth browsing the events calendar before you plan a trip to maximize your visit!



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