You’ll know it when it happens


There are a lot of annoying things said to you while pregnant, “oh my gosh you’re SO big!” and “Are you sure your due date is correct? You look like you’re ready to POP!”, to name a few. However, when I was pregnant with my first child, there was one phrase it seemed like EVERYONE had to say that really annoyed me…. “Everything is going to Change”.
This phrase in particular drove me CRAZY! I wanted to shout at everyone who said it—“Of course everything is going to change! There is a whole other person who will be in my life, whom I will be responsible for!”.

As we all know though, everything truly does change. I definitely expected to love my daughter more than anything, and I expected to be up in the middle of night changing diapers. I even expected to ditch friends and family for things I used to enjoy because I want to see my daughter instead. What I didn’t expect was the change in MYSELF. I am a completely different person since I entered the hospital that amazing day in March.

I had no “mom friends” before giving birth, and now I have a handful- because there is something that you can’t put into perspective for those who aren’t moms yet. Your world begins and ends with this little human, your life is dictated by nap times and bed times, but you don’t mind- because after the first time their eyes meet yours, nothing else in the world matters anymore.

The other day, a friend told me her and her husband were trying to get pregnant, and asked me how I liked being a mom, of course I told her how much I love being a mom, but as the conversation deepened I found myself saying …“Everything is going to change for you” and that’s when I realized it- there are some things you’ll never understand until your mom. I followed my statement with “it is something I can’t even put into words, you’ll just know it when it happens”.

Photo Credit: Savanna Lee Imagery


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