Where we Play: Chandler with Age Gap Siblings


I’m a mom of age gap siblings – there are 5 ½ years between my two girls, age 3 ½ and 9.  Sometimes it feels like the world doesn’t anticipate that you’ll have kids with that big of a gap in between and activities can be a little hard to plan.  Fear not!  I’ve come up with some great ideas for you, Mamas of Chandler! 

Read on for our favorite spots for when I have both my kids, just my big one, and just my little one.



When I Have Both Kids

Whiz Kidz Playland 

Okay so technically this isn’t in “Chandler” per se.  It’s actually in Ahwatukee on Chandler Blvd at 32nd Street.  It’s a quick zip down the 202 San Tan so it’s Chandler-adjacent.  It’s a play space with both drop-off and stay-and-play options for kiddos up to 10 years old so both of my kiddos could play together!

Tumbleweed Park

Hands down, this is our favorite Chandler park.  Even in the summertime, if you’re up early enough, you can hit this awesome spot and enjoy playtime under the giant shade structure.  Bring your kiddos’ scooters and bikes so they can make use of the paths that surround and run through the different play areas.

Chandler Library

We are most often at the Downtown Library location, but there are FOUR library locations any Chandler family can use.  Not only can you find some great books for you and your kiddos, you can participate in the Summer Reading Program, play computer games, play board games and use fun puzzles, take advantage of the imaginative play areas, and participate in events from Toddler Time to the curated summer events like art and magic shows!

Barnes and Noble

Both the Chandler Mall and San Tan Mall locations host a Saturday story time!  This is a great option for beating the heat and can be paired with the Chandler Mall indoor play area or the San Tan Mall splash pad!

Arizona Science Center

Also not technically in Chandler.  Also just a quick freeway drive.  We LOVE the Science Center.  No matter how often we go (which is often), there is something that captivates my kiddos.  We are annual members which I would highly recommend – membership pays for itself very quickly and then you have a summer-ready activity any day of the week.  The Survival of the Slowest exhibit that runs through the first week of August is not to be missed!


Bowling is a favorite indoor activity in our family.  It can sure add up but Bowlero has you covered.  They offer a summer-long (literally, May 1 through September 1) package for a family of four that includes shoe rental and 3 games *every day* during the summer months for about $150.  That pays for itself in two uses.  Bowlero has multiple locations so find the one closest to you to take advantage of this steal!

When I Have My Little Kid Only


Oh Giggles, we just can’t quit you.  This reasonably-priced indoor playtopia is hours of fun with the added perk of all-day reentry.  Perfect for playdates!  Kids 7 and older aren’t allowed on the play equipment and can only participate as a mama’s helper – this devastates my 9-year-old because she still loves everything about this place.where we play

When I Have My Big Kid Only

Burst of Butterflies

Located in Downtown Chandler, you can paint pottery, canvas, or other crafts and support a small business at the same time.  Bonus for school breaks: their camps are *chef’s kiss*.  My 9-year-old just finished a week-long clay pottery-based camp and she had the time of her life.  Can littles paint, too?  Sure.  But I like saving this place for me and my big girl – it’s our special spot.

For more of where we play click here. 


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