What We’re Excited for in September


Amy, Owner&Chief Curator
Mom to Maverick, 18 months

  • What I’m buying for me: A training plan for home workouts by Juli Bauer Roth of PaleOMG. I recently built out my home gym to supplement days I can’t make it to CrossFit, but I don’t have the expertise to program my own workouts. I bought her new 3-day/week plan and I’m excited to have outsourced the planning so I can focus on just lifting heavy things (and keeping Mav busy while I do).
  • What I’m buying for Mav: New boots as we head into fall; his summer boots recently got too small, so looks like a visit to Shoppers Supply is on our to-do list.
  • What I’m reading: It’s not quite reading, but I’m currently binging through several new-to-me podcasts that I’m sharing with everyone who will listen (sorry, I’m not a true crime junkie, so none of those to recommend!):
    Didn’t I Just Feed You (a podcast all about feeding kids for home cook hobbyists)
    Only You: A One & Done Podcast (a podcast for parents of only children)
    Make it Simple with Andrea Allen (a wellness podcast from a local Arizona mom of four!)
  • What’s on my calendar: My MOPS group is starting back up this month after a brief summer break and it’s the first session we’ll be meeting in person (it’s been virtual since I had Maverick). I wasn’t sure what to expect from a moms group when I joined initially, and it’s been an invaluable support system (I share more about that in this blog post).
  • Where I’m taking my kids: There’s a new studio that opened last month in Gilbert that offers toddler sensory bin classes, among other family classes. We popped into one class and Maverick loved it, plus it took the mental load of curating the perfect materials for a sensory bin off my plate. It’s every other Friday at 10 a.m., and we’ll most certainly be back. 

Cara, Site Manager
Married, Mom to Braylin (6) and Joel (5)

  • What I’m buying for me: I’m finally getting my hair done after nearly 9 long months. Putting it off wasn’t intentional, it just kept happening and before I knew it, my roots were REAL BAD and I could definitely use a conditioning treatment. I get a lot of questions about my hair and everyone is always shocked when I tell them I go to the Salon at JCPenny at Superstition Springs Center! I drive from Scottsdale, the salon capital of the Valley, to East Mesa for my hair. I’m loyal to my stylist and love the work she does – highly recommend the JCP Salon if you’re looking for a new ‘do!
  • What I’m buying for the kids: Books! My first grader is a big reader. She reminds me of myself at her age and I love watching her mind work. Growing up, I had an extensive book collection and I’m having so much fun helping her grow hers. I’m prefer buying used, so we often hit Goodwill or Half Priced Books to stock up on some new reads for the both of us. 
  • What I’m reading: I’m a sucker for some good Chick Lit. I love to escape real-life and dive into a feel-good story with a predictable ending. One of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin, has a new book out called The Lies That Bind and I’m hoping to find it when we visit Half Priced Books this month. Then I just have to find the time to open it.
  • What’s on my calendar: My birthday! I’m trying to have a better attitude about my birthday and embrace getting older. I am at a really good place right now after years of some personal struggles (two kids under two, scary health issues, etc). As I approach 33, I’m excited to continue to better myself and definitely think a celebration is in order. I told my husband all I wanted as a free day. I’m thinking brunch in Old Town and maybe a little day drinking and then home for a nice, uninterrupted nap. I might skip the bottomless mimosas because mama ain’t 23 anymore.
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Braylin and I are going to the Gold Over America Tour! Braylin did gymnastics for a few years and recently decided to stop, but she still loves to watch it. Right before Covid we went and saw the Arizona Gymnastics team at a meet in Tucson and she was in heaven, so we’re pumped to see Simone Biles in person. (We’re also going to be giving away two tickets to this event, so stay tuned!)

Britt, Contributor
Single, Mom to Weston (8), Aria (6) and Leighton (19 months)

  • What I’m buying for me: I’m on the hunt for a Gatsby -inspired formal gown for a wedding next month! I’m going to head to some local thrift shops to see what I can find for the occasion.
  • What I’m buying for the kids: NOTHING! Back to school took it out of me ($$$). It’s time to replenish for Halloween time. With three kids it’s going to cost me cost an arm and a leg, too! 
  • What I’m reading: I’m revisiting one of my all time favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks, this month. I’m going to pick one or two that have a movie adaptation so I can watch it after I’m done with the book.
  • What’s on my calendar: We’ve got a packed schedule between PTSO, fall fundraisers(ughh), the Van Gogh experience in Old Town, Hamilton at Gammage, and a trip San Diego! We have a ton of fun planned thanks to long weekends and some religious holidays. I’ve also managed to plan a few dates nights, too! 
  • Where I’m taking my kids: We are bringing back our weekly visit to Dickey’s BBQ where kids eat free on Sundays. Check out our list of other local restaurants with kid’s specials throughout the week!We’re also going to be checking out the new Kids Empire at San Tan Village sometime this month. It looks like a fun place where all 3 of my kids (ages 19 months -8 years) can have fun.


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