What We’re Excited for in June…


Amy, Chief Curator
Mom to Maverick (1)

  • What I’m buying for me:  Locally made meals by Eat By Stacey Weber. I’ve been sharing about my Strong as a Mother wellness journeys a this year, and with summer (I hate summer heat) I’m setting myself up for success with healthy, meal-prepped food that doesn’t include me turning on my oven.
  • What I’m buying for my kid: All the Washington state souvineers. I’m heading up to visit my college bestie who now lives in the Pacific Northwest and leaving Mavvy at home. You know that mama guilt of missing him will turn into retail therapy everywhere we go!
  • What I’m reading: I’ve gotten behind on my reading goal this year and am trying to catch up. My extra motivational nudge is that Mesa Library’s summer reading program is for adults, too, so I’m hoping that will create outward accountability to get back on track. Right now, I’m reading a book that Grandma Ginger got me for Mother’s Day called Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price. It’s a mix of historical fiction and murder mystery—two page turner genres in one book! I’m half way through, and so far it’s a fun, easy read.
  • What’s on my calendar: Swim lessons through the City of Mesa! It was a full circle experience to sign him up because I was a City of Mesa lifeguard and swim instructor in high school and have so many memories at the pool that now I get to take Maverick to!
  • Where I’m taking my kid: Great Wolf Lodge! I had booked this back for Maverick’s birthday in March, but then when he ended up sick in the hospital, we had to reschedule. So this is his birthday gift, months later.

Jessica, Contributor
Married, Mom to Ethan and Connor (8)

  • What I’m buying for me: We’re headed East to Myrtle Beach and I don’t want to lug all of my makeup or wear a full face every day. I am going to be buying some beach-essentials from Jane Iredale. I love the products and that they’re also good for my skin.
  • What I’m buying for the kids: I have twin boys and they’re so hard on their clothes. I need to buy some new clothes for summer and our upcoming beach vacation, but buying everything new can add up. I’ll be hitting up some local resale shops (I love Kid2Kid and Love Child) to get them some summer clothes.
  • What I’m reading: Thanks to my fellow EVM contributor, Brit, I applied and was accepted to the Junior League of Phoenix. So, I’m reading up on all things JLP and I am so excited to become a provisional member this year! 
  • What’s on my calendar: We are taking a much needed family vacation to Myrtle beach for a whole week. We are staying at a fun place called Ocean Lakes Family Campground. It has a water park for the kids and we can’t wait to escape the heat and spend some time near the ocean!
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Now that it’s officially summer, we’ll be walking to Downtown Gilbert at night and grabbing some ice cream from Topo. 

Kristen, Contributor
Married, Mom to Amelia (5) and Cohen (1)

  • What I’m buying for me: I absolutely love to try new products, especially those recommended by a friend who has ACTUALLY tried it, not just a Instagram influencer.  I recently picked up a few skincare products from a local business in the East Valley,  Wildflower Beauty Bar. My favorite product is from a line they carry called Eminence and I am in LOVE with their Stone Crop Hydrating Mist. As the temps creep into the triple digits, this skin toner helps my skin stay hydrated and refreshed and it smells amazing!
  • What I’m buying for the kids: My kids are busy bodies and since school is out, I am always looking for activities to keep them engaged/wear them out. We recently finished putting in a pool and I’ve been on the lookout for new pool toys. I have the best luck at stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Ross for the best priced toys. After a few Arizona summers, they typically need to be replaced, so I try to be thrifty when purchasing them. I lucked out the other day with some Disney’s Frozen Diving Sticks that my daughter loves.
  • What I’m reading: I am the SLOWEST reader, but I am in the middle of the book Handcrafted by Clint Harp (he’s the woodworker from Fixer Upper). I recently went on a trip to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Farms and had the best time. I have a passion for design and woodworking and I’m really enjoying it so far. Such a good reminder that your dreams can become a reality when you put in the work. It’s been a great read so far!
  • What’s on my calendar: We are so ready for the summer and have a few trips planned. We are spending a weekend up North at Little America in Flagstaff with the family to escape the heat at the end of July. And I am VERY excited for a kid-free trip to Cabo with my husband and some good friends. Don’t worry, the mom-guilt is already creeping in, but I know some time with my husband will be amazing before the busy school year starts. 
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Since I have a 5 year old and an almost 2 year old we’ve found that splash pads are a great place to spend our mornings. Our two favorites are Mansel Carter Oasis Park and Gilbert Regional Park. I love that fact that there is a fence around the Splash Pad at Gilbert Regional, because my littles love to wander around. This park also has a special play area just for smaller toddlers and it is well shaded which is a big plus. We try to go early in the morning before it gets too busy or hot and don’t forget the three S’s (Sunscreen, snacks, and Starbucks).



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