What We’re Excited for in February…


We’re continuing our What We’re Excited About series, where each month we will share what we’re looking forward to for the month. Keeping it local, real and giving you, our readers, a chance to get to know us a little better. 

Ashley, Contributor
Married, Mom to Charlotte (3) and John (23 months)

  • What I’m buying for me: A pink clay face mask from Loil Life! It’s my birthday month and I plan on doing a few face mask/spa at home nights! Their face mask usually gets me 2/3 uses!
  • What I’m buying for my kids: Modern Roots Kids Co. Disneyland Pajamas! Being the Disneyland family we are, we are missing Disneyland SO much right now. I can’t wait to give my kiddos these cute pajamas for Valentine’s Day!
  • What I’m reading: Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes) by Mindy Kaling. I’m a huge Mindy Kaling fan and I loved her first two books, Why Not Me and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Her new collection is a series of 6 short stories that are free on Amazon/Kindle. And I love free things! I always love Mindy Kaling and excited to read some short stories that I don’t need to commit lots of time to.
  • What’s on my calendar: My birthday, my wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day has been my favorite holiday since the 4th grade! I think it’s super important to take a day to show everyone (not just a significant other) how much you love them! So my hubby and I got married on February 13th! I love having an entire week to tell everyone how much I love having them in my life!
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Drizzle Donut Co! Drizzle Donut Co. is opening in Queen Creek, walking distance from my house! I am so excited! We will definitely be doing a donut pickup (hopefully a few) in February with all the fun occasions we are celebrating!

Kristina, Contributor
Single, Mom to Chloe (12)

  • What I’m buying for me: I want to buy myself some dumbbells to step up my at home fitness game this year. With places starting to close down again, I want to make sure I have the equipment to stay on track. 
  • What I’m buying for the kids: I want to buy my daughter everything to design her own skincare routine. She will be turning 13 in March. Every girl should have a proper skincare routine, right?
  • What I’m reading: This month I will be reading all of the EVMoms blog posts… As well as Come As You Are and re-reading Untamed, for the third time. What can I say… It’s a GREAT book! 
  • What’s on my calendar: This month is my mom’s birthday. So I am sure we will get together to celebrate that. Otherwise I will just be working. I do want to get better with time management and not taking on too much in order to be more present. 
  • Where I’m taking my kids: I plan on taking my daughter painting and possibly even trying out an escape room. She has done one before with my mom, but it will be all new to me. So she can show me what to do! Should be fun!

Megan, Contributor
Married, Mom to Jacob (2)

  • What I’m buying for me: I just got myself this really cute Valentine’s Day sweater from Willow Key Boutique (local mama owned boutique) for a snuggly date night in!

  • What I’m buying for the kids: I just got my two year old this Button Art activity set to help with motor skills and color matching. It’s so stinking cute! 

  • What I’m reading: I just finished American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins with my book club and we’re about to start Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. The Amazon series adapted from the book was a huge hit so I’m hoping to read/listen on Audible to the book first then watch the series after.

  • What’s on my calendar: EVM Galentine’s Day on February 4th!!!! Also, at work we have our big annual financial audit in mid-February, so that’s honestly all that’s on my mind right now!

  • Where I’m taking my kids: I’ve always loved the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, but now that my toddler can walk on his own a lot longer and likes to dig into dirt, leaves, and sticks, I find us heading there for the easy trails more often. Arizona weather is insanely gorgeous this time of year and we’re trying to rack up as many hours outside as we can as part of our @1000hoursoutside Instagram Challenge. Also, stay tuned for my “EV Park Roundup” coming to the site 2/9/2021!


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