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Cara Lespron, site manager
Married, mom of two

  • What I’m buying for me: I have a pedicure scheduled at Modern Allo and I am even going to go without my kids! They had some killer Black Friday/Small Business Saturday deals and even have some awesome Groupons, too. It’s much overdue and my feet could use some love. Plus, the pedicure I booked is called the “You Fancy” and indeed it is, highly recommend. 
  • What I’m buying for the kids: Everything? We don’t go crazy for Christmas, but while I’m wrapping it just seems like so much. My 5 year old is starting tee ball in January, so we got home some gear, or Santa did if he asks. I’ll get home some clothes and shoes for him, too. He is obsessed with clothes, so he’ll actually get excited over those gifts. My 7 year old is all girl, so she’s getting fun clothes as well, an Instax camera and a few books since the girl always has her nose in one. One thing I always do is pack their stockings with stuff they need – shampoo, toothpaste, new toothbrushes, etc. I always throw in something sweet, too. They love it and it’s less stuff in my Target cart in January.
  • What I’m reading: The Wife Stalker by Liz Constantine. Fun fact, that’s the pen name for a sister duo who have written a few page turners. If you like a little suspense, some relatable life problems and semi-predictable endings, check her out. I like to read as an escape, so books that somewhat light keep me going.
  • What’s on my calendar: So. Much. Stuff. I started a new job and am working full time for the first time in 6 years, so I’m penciling in “balance” somewhere on my already busy schedule, but I have a feeling December is the wrong month to try to find that. My workouts have really been lacking, so I am trying out something new that has a 5AM class to allow myself a little more time in the morning than my usual 6AM. Wish me luck and I’ll report back on the class.
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Not a whole lot of places this season, surprisingly. I’m headed to Ballet Etudes, The Nutcracker, with my daughter. She’s never been to a play and loves ballet and classical music, so I’m looking forward to taking her on a little date night! We’ll also hit up the Train Park in Scottsdale for their Christmas event – it runs all month and is just so much fun for the whole family. I love that it’s simple and doesn’t require too much planning. Also, I’ll take all 3 kids (mine + the one I nanny for) to Christmas crafting at The Musik Box by heART on December 23 at 3:30. It’s a parent/child art class that’s 45 minutes long and encourages creativity and connection through art (and the mess isn’t at your house, ha). 

Kira Henning, contributor
Married, mom of Four

  • What I’m buying for me: Botox baby! This is the BEST time of year to save a little cash on it – I treated myself to an Alle gift card when they offered a BOGO deal. 
  • What I’m buying for the kids: I feel like the better question for this month might be what am I NOT buying my kids! Lol! I try to be very intentional with Christmas gifts and my kids – we generally follow the “something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read” parameters for the holiday and try not to go too overboard while still making things special. They requested matching family PJs this year so we did get a full fam set of some cute buffalo plaid pajamas that I am excited to surprise them with here soon. 
  • What I’m reading: I have two books I am reading right now. Start with Why for my work book club and The Lost Apothecary for my fun book club. Both are great. Real talk…without a book club commitment, it would take me forever to finish a book. 2 pages in and I generally fall asleep. As a result of book club(s), I find myself choosing to read (over mindless scrolling) when I have a free minute. 
  • What’s on my calendar: I surprised my husband with a trip to Chicago (where we are from) for his birthday. He loves all things Christmas, so we are doing a little holiday bucket list weekend in our favorite city. Ice skating at Millenium Park, Kriskindlemart, eating at the Walnut Room, Brett Eldredge Glow concert at the Chicago Theater – we can’t wait! 
  • Where I’m taking my kids: Christmas at the Princess – we LOVE this event and are kicking off our holiday season with a visit early this year. There is so much to see and do – if you can snag a Groupon, it makes it pretty affordable for a family of 4. If you have a big family (like ours), extra wristbands can be purchased at the event. Mom tip: the spiked hot chocolate is MAGICAL.

Emily Carden, contributor
Married, mom of two

  • What I’m buying for me: This year I am asking for a breastmilk ring to commemorate my breastfeeding journey and giving birth to two children. Plus, this jewelry will be a beautiful piece to add to my collection! I sent my husband the link to this company: Milk & Honey Breastmilk Jewelry, but I was also recently introduced to this local company: Onyx & Alabaster so we’ll be checking out both!
  • What I’m buying for the kids: My toddler this year is getting one of those climbing domes. We have a spot in the backyard that’s meant for a playset and the area has been unfilled since we moved in two years ago. Playsets are a lot of work to build and can be dangerous, etc. So I ordered one of these from Amazon. He’s going to love it!
  • What I’m reading: I get my inspiration for my next book pick by scanning the available options in my library’s digital loan Most Popular section. Ha! I randomly found The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo which is just a wholesome family story and I read it in like two days. I am also loving the Strollercoaster Podcast, by Munchkin,  about parenting. Check out the “Can We Get Some Sleep? episode. I am struggling with sleep with my 8 month old and so this one hit home. Basically, it’s okay to get your kids into a routine that works best for you first.
  • What’s on my calendar: My sister’s engagement party is happening this December. It’s been a much anticipated engagement and this will be the first time the two families will mingle. Everyone is very excited! And the ring is beautiful!
  • Where I’m taking my kids: This month my 8 month old will start little tumblers classes at SWIMkids USA in Mesa. Yes, they have gymnastics too! Classes are small with lots of time slots. My toddler already goes to gym classes and I’m excited for his little brother to start them too!
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