We Failed and That’s Okay


I screwed up with my kid. I made the wrong choice and it negatively impacted him and now…he’s okay.

We recently made the wrong choice for oldest son. We had some reservations and we had been given warnings, but ultimately we felt that what we were doing would benefit him.

we failed and that's okayWe tried it for a few weeks and thinking he was doing okay. Honestly, he was: doing okay and managing. However, we were losing our happy little boy. He was stressed and holding himself together until he finally couldn’t anymore. We realized this wasn’t working about a month in and we had to scramble to make adjustments and find a better fit for him.

We tried

We failed

We learned

Now, three weeks from changing everything and taking him out of a situation that wasn’t ideal for him, he is flourishing. We have our sweet boy back. It was the best decision we could make for him. I don’t think we would’ve made the right decision without failing so hard at the first one.

So yes, we failed, but it’s okay. We didn’t break him, we didn’t irrevocably damage anything, he is actually in a better position than before. As parents I feel like we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to not fail with our kids, and honestly that just isn’t going to happen. Unfortunately, we are human and we do fail, even with the most precious people in our lives. It’s okay. We learn from it, we change from it, it can be used for good. Take a deep breath mama, love your babies through the failure and learn.


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