Unplugging from Social Media to Help Your Mental Health


We have all heard the popular advice of unplugging often from social media to help with our mental health. What does it really mean to “unplug?” Do we escape to the forest without any service reception and have a retreat to connect with our mind, body, and spirit? Or do we take a couple hours off social media and be more present with our day, with our kids, and with ourself? It could be both.

Unplugging will look different from person to person. There is no wrong way to do it because our needs are different. Unplugging means to let go of the distraction, the force that is pulling us in the wrong direction, and seeking what is important to us (our needs) in that moment. We should do this often so we stay grounded.

There is a lot of stuff happening on social media. Sometimes we have to step away (not go MIA) but step away for a few and refocus. One of the things I love to do when I have moments where I feel like there has been too much negative force on social media is to turn my phone to Do Not Disturb for 24 hours (sometimes longer). This way notifications are muted. I am not distracted by what is happening in the world of social media. I am focused on what is happening in my household and working to improve my mental health. I plan a full day of outgoing with my kids (uninterrupted by my phone because it is on Do Not Disturb).

After unplugging for a day or however long you might need, it is refreshing to step back into the world of social media and know this is not all of life. There is more off of these platforms.

I challenge you all to unplug this coming week. Notice the difference it makes you feel and see what it does to your mental health when you make the choice to step away from the squares for a little while. If you feel grounded, more connected to your mind and soul, and relieved — then unplug more often.

As moms, we have to take care of our mental health in order to take care of our family. We spend a lot of time with them, we know them better than anyone. With the being said, they deserve a happy mom.


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