To All The Thank You Notes Lost or Unwritten


To All The Thank You Notes Lost or Unwritten

I swear I wrote you a thank you note….it just happened to be in my head and never made it; on paper, in an envelope, stamped or in the mail… but I PROMISE I WROTE IT!

I made sure I had that scrap paper and pen while my kid was opening presents. Balancing it awkwardly on my knee and asking “Who got that? Is there a card? What was that again?” I double checked the list to make sure I had everyone accounted for. 

I definitely made note of the fact you brought me a house warming gift, made me soup when I was sick, watched my dogs that one time…. I promise I wrote you a thank you card. It was so cute too. It had a big heart on the front with two best friends hugging. It has to be around here somewhere, or must have gotten lost in the mail. My mailman is the worst!

Oh, that stack over there? Yes, that is what you think it is. My wedding thank you’s. The really nice ones that I spent lots of money having embossed with “Mr. & Mrs. Paramore.” That I just HAD to buy with allll the extra budget we had. But you know what?! I wrote them ALL right away. I did. What is that you asked? Oh yea, I did get married 10 years ago (thank you for the Happy Anniversary flowers.)

I have been meaning to get stamps. 

For all the Thank You notes lost or unwritten (officially):

Thank you for all your love and generosity. Thank you for that lovely present you picked out. It goes perfect in our kitchen/bedroom/nursery. Thank you for that amazing baby gift for my now 5 year old. He used it/wore it/played with it constantly! You have such a big heart for thinking of us in our time of need/when we moved/ when we had our baby(s). Your time is so precious to us and we value your friendship/relationship immensely.


The Paramore Family


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