Tips for Shopping Local This Holiday Season


Last year, I challenged myself and my hubby to buy 100% of our presents from local and small businesses. This was a really fun challenge that pushed us a bit more to support local businesses, and to learn more about little shops and stores within our community.

However, this actually was a bit more of a challenge than I was expecting – especially for our family that lives out of state. I loved shopping at local marker markets, but so much of the product was focused on Gilbert or desert living… all things that I didn’t think my mother in Florida needed.

Tips for Shopping Local This Holiday Season

Plan ahead! I actually found that I had much better success for the people on our list when I thought really intentionally about what they would enjoy for a Christmas present, and then sourced it locally vs trying to just find something they would like at a market.

Be mindful of your budget. While there is a lot of good to be done by shopping local, it can actually (sometimes) cost a little bit extra. Rest assured though, generally, you are getting additional quality for the additional cost, but it’s still important to be mindful of your budget going into the holiday season.

Don’t wait until the last minute! A lot of amazing shops sell items that are handmade and produced in small batches. When shopping at local businesses, it’s important to remember that not everything is Amazon Prime, and you can’t save your list for the very last minute.

Do research & ask around. Post a question on social media to find out from your friends about their favorite local shops or businesses. Attend a local marker market, or explore hashtags in your area. There are so many talented shops producing great products – you just have to look for them!

Since our little family challenge last year, I have been a lot more mindful about where I spend our money in our community, and I look forward to buying most of our Christmas gifts from small businesses again this year. Do you shop small? I’d love to hear some of your favorite local shops and stores!


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