The Resolutions I Am Going To Keep This Year


Every year after we ring in the new year my husband and I write down each of our New Year’s resolutions. I usually have a pretty long list of resolutions to tackle. I usually love writing a pretty long list of resolutions and enjoy going after my goals and ambitions. But I am done with making ones that really don’t stick and that are trivial. I am always craving how to grow personally and become a better person. So this year I am opting for ones that will  help me hold myself accountable to being happy and healthy. 

I will follow through on the promises I make to myself. This is something I read recently in Rachel Hollis’s book Girl Wash Your Face. When I make a promise to myself, I am going to follow through on it. One thing I came to the realization is that I am always so quick to follow through on the promises I make to other people but not my own promises to myself. I want to put my best foot forward this year and make myself a priority. If I say I am going to the gym in the morning then I am going to go. I will follow through on things I want to do for myself.

I will stop being so hard on myself. I am my biggest critic and hold myself to the highest standard which leads me to doing a lot of bad self-talk.  I am going to celebrate all my accomplishes more and recognize all the hard work I do. I am going to be kinder to myself and give myself more grace in all areas of my life. My intentions will be to embrace my failures because without them I can’t grow. 

I will say “no” and stop apologizing for it. I am a yes person. I say yes way to much and this has made for a crazy 2018. Saying “yes” has allowed me so many amazing opportunities. But, there was also times I should of said no more. I want to say no to things so I can spend more time with my family and feel okay saying no. I will be making a “no” list so it can be an easy decision when it comes down to it. I want to say “no” to protect my own boundaries better and feel empowered to do the things that make me happy.

I will plan and schedule time for self-care. If I actually schedule it and write it down in my agenda that I have then there is a great chance of it happening. I want to take better care of my physical, emotional, and mental health and I will find ways to do so. Taking time to do self-care and do something that I love will make me a better wife and mother. 

I might struggle with these resolutions at first, but once I form great habits around them I know they will become like second nature. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me!


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