Thank God for Grandma


Do people really celebrate Grandparent’s Day? We never did growing up, we just lumped in grandma during Mother’s Day celebrations and called it good. I don’t think we even gave cards for Grandparent’s Day.

This September, as I saw this holiday creeping up on the calendar, I felt the need to roll out the red carpet for both my mother and mother-in-law now that I’ve seen both of them grow into their roles as grandma this year, which in turn, let me grow into my new role as a mama with more grace than I would have been able to if I hadn’t had their nearby support.

I struggled a lot those first few months with the constant demands of motherhood. It never stops. They always need you. Throw COVID-19 stay at home orders on top of that, and some days, it was nearly too much for me.

But sometimes, your baby—and you—just need a visit from grandma to make everything okay.

Grandmas are the only other ones who you can shove a screaming baby to without feeling guilty.

Grandmas are the only ones who love my baby as fiercely as I do.

Grandmas are the only ones who can assure me I am enough for my baby, and I believe them.

Grandmas are the only ones who can make me feel like it’s perfectly normal to love my baby, but also need a break from him sometimes.

Grandmas are the only ones who can give me the confidence I need to advocate for my child and not apologize for it.

Grandmas are the only ones who can encourage me to take a few hours to myself, and I don’t feel guilty for doing it.

I fully acknowledge how lucky I am to have both grandmas within an eight-mile radius of our house. I know I am lucky that I have beautiful, healthy relationships with both women and feel comfortable to be myself, even the ugly parts of myself in front of them both.

There is something so comforting to see the women who raised us coach and support us as we raise our children. And, there’s something reassuring about the parenting advice they give us, because it worked on us, so it’s got to be good, right? 

So this Grandparent’s Day, we celebrated both women and are continuously thanking God that they’ve helped us all become better versions of ourselves as parents by just showing up, loving us and giving us a break from our baby when we desperately need it.

*Grandparent’s Day is Sunday, September 13.


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