Strong Like a Mother: The 2021 EVM Guide to All Things Wellness for Moms


As we look into 2021, several of our contributors have shared wellness goals they’re pursuing. 

  • Megan is getting back an exercise routine as she plans to be pregnant in 2021 with baby #2
  • Chauncey has committed to refocusing on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, as she knows she feels better when she eliminates those foods from her body
  • Kirstina is working on getting a headstand in yoga 
  • Kim is working towards 5 unassisted and unbroken pull ups (she’s at 3 right now)
  • Amy is ready to build up her strength after stepping away from lifting since before her pregnancy
  • Cara is aiming to hit 500 barre classes by the end of 2021 (as of 12/31/2020, she hit 200!)

At EVM, we believe it’s never about a number when it comes to wellness, but pursuing a lifestyle that makes you as a mom feel strong, confident and healthy to be able to play with your kids, keep up with them and model habits that will inspire them.

While talking about wellness goals is one thing, pursuing health was difficult enough before kids, but throw in childcare needs, nap schedules and the ever-present macaroni and cheese, and it’s even more challenging to create new habits and routines to reach goals. 

We’ve curated our favorite mom-friendly wellness resources across the East Valley to support you wherever you need the extra push—moving your body or fueling your body. 

Click here for our 2021 EVM Strong Like a Mother Guide to wellness! 

If you’re interested in mental health resources for mamas, contributor, Kelsey, put together a full resource guide last month that you can find here, because mental health is so vital for mamas, too!


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