So long…farewell!


Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.  

In the spring of 2013 East Valley Moms Blog co-founders, Lisa Glowacka and Michelle Alexander embarked on one of their greatest adventures, launching East Valley Moms Blog into the community.  The past 7 years have been filled with meeting new faces, supporting local businesses and connecting the thousands of families that make up this amazing community.  We’ve made friendships with so many amazing women that we may never had the chance to meet had it not been for this incredible platform.

But like so many life seasons tend to do, our time at East Valley Moms Blog has come to an end.

Don’t worry!  East Valley Moms Blog isn’t going anywhere, we are so THRILLED to announce that East Valley Moms Blog will continue to support and serve the community under new ownership of  Amy McConnell!!!  In the next few months you’ll see a new and refreshed website and social media pages, exciting new ways to connect with local moms and businesses and so much more!  

It is difficult to adequately express our sincere gratitude for supporting our business and community of moms so we will try our best!  

To our past and present writers…we couldn’t have done this without your time and support.  To volunteer your time and share your thoughts and words with us and our readers, has meant the world to us.  The friendships that many of us have built through this adventure have been amazing. East Valley Moms Blog wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for each and every one of you and your vulnerability to share your stories.

To the local business community…thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing us and allowing us to support your business in the community.  From welcoming our community for an event, providing us the opportunity to support you and share with our community of readers.  THANK YOU!  

To our community of parents and families…not just here in the East Valley but across the country, the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of you that visit us on our little space on the web or follow us through social media, thank you!  Mom life and parent life….it is one of the hardest but greatest adventures any of us could possibly imagine.  Thank you for visiting us time and time again.  To support our advertisers, read the heartfelt stories our writers share and take a chance to connect with other moms either online or in-person, our space would not be here if it wasn’t for you too.  We hope that month after month, year after year you will continue to support us, our incredible writing team and EACH OTHER!  Thank you for allowing us to share this season of our own lives with you all!  

To Amy…we can’t wait to continue to support you in your own adventure.  We are so EXCITED for you and know you are going to do an incredible job supporting our community!  We will always be your number 1 fans!  

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!  If you see us out and about, come say hi!  

With love,

Lisa Glowacka and Michelle Alexander

Photo credit Bailey Wilson Photography 






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