8 Apps to help you save more, spend less and stay on budget in 2018


As a single mom of three, staying on budget and saving money are top priorities in my house!  Saving money, spending less and staying within budget has become so much easier over the past decade due to the increasing number of apps available.

I’m going to share with you my top 8 that you should use in 2018 to get your finances in check! 

General budgeting

Mint: My go-to app for budgeting in my household is Mint.  Mint is a one-stop shop for budgeting and allows you to keep track of savings goals, monthly bills and budgets as well as any investments you may have.  It also will keep track of your credit score for free.  One of my favorite aspects is being able to go back and look at spending habits so I know where exactly my money has gone.  If you’re in the market for a tool for budgeting, give this one a shot!  The app makes keeping track of things on the go easy and the web platform makes altering your budget super easy!

Save money and spend less with 8 easy apps! East Valley Moms BlogSaving

Albert: Albert also is a budgeting app but I use it for the built in Albert Savings account that automatically pulls money (you can designate a cap) from your bank accounts to your Albert Savings account.  I use this in addition to my monthly savings plan to designate funds for things like my friends wedding later this year, extra activities for my kids and even preplan to pay for summer camp or Christmas!

Acorns: I started using Acorns in late 2017 but so far I love it!  Acorns makes investing so.easy.  Much like the keep the change system Bank of America uses, Acorns connects to your cards (both debit and credit) and rounds your purchases up to the nearest dollar.  Your funds accumulate and are then used to purchase exchange traded funds in a portfolio you designate!  The funds are automatically designated to diversify over 7,000 stocks and bonds.  This is made possible by Fractional Share Ownership by Acorns, allowing you to purchase shares of some top rated companies!  

8 apps to help you save money, spend less and stay on budget


Ibotta: Ibotta offers 3 easy ways to save money and get money!  Before you shop just search their app for offers at your favorite stores, buy the products and then take a photo of your receipt.  Within 48 hours they will deposit your savings into your Ibotta account.  You can also link your loyalty card and your savings will automatically be deposited.  My favorite feature is mobile in app purchases.  Simply pull up the mobile app and you’ll see which retailers are offering additional cash back.  As a frequent Target shopper and online clothing shopper, this method one has earned me the most money!  

RetailMeNot: Forever on the hunt not to pay full price and RetailMeNot is the best for this.  You’ll find coupons, printable coupons, free shipping codes, exclusive product deals only available on RMN as well as discounts on gift cards!  You can also get rewarded for shopping by getting their rewards!  

**Using these two apps is a major win if you are a shopper.  Although a little more time consuming as it takes some planning, over time, your savings will add up!**

Apps to help save you money and spend less | East Valley Moms BlogGroceries

Flipp: Flipp takes all the weekly ads from major retailers (grocery stores, electronic stores, craft stores and more) and allows you to find the best deal on what you are looking for!  You can select an item such as beef, cheese or a tv and it will locate the best deals in your area in a snap!  To make things easier, you can even add digital coupons right to your store loyalty card and make your shopping list!


Skiplagged: Heading out of town last minute?  Don’t go without checking Skiplagged first! Skiplagged allows you to purchase airfare at a low fare because you get off at the layover. I don’t recommend this for traveling with small children as you can’t check bags and there are several other “rules” to play by but if the opportunity arises for you and your honey (or just you) to have some alone time, check this app for an awesome deal! 

The amount of money saving and budgeting apps available is abundant so this list is short but I find these ones very effective!  If you have some money saving and budgeting secrets, I’d love to know!  


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