Resources for Preschool at Home from a Former Teacher


It’s hard to find curriculum to educate and keep your kids busy these days. I used to be a teacher, and even as a teacher it is hard to find good quality curriculum and activities for students. Bring COVID-19 into the mix, and whether your still e-learning, homeschooling, or just want something fun and educational to do with the kids- it’s hard. I’ve found though, that it’s especially hard to find things for pre-school aged kids. What about our kiddos under 5 that want to learn? I’ve found some great things being a teacher and just researching online that I thought I should share with those of you trying to do Preschool from home!

  1. Little Bugs Learning! This is number one on my list for 3 reasons, 1. The activities are awesome! They are pre-laminated, pre-cut, and full of instructions. My teacher heart loves it, there is NO way to mess it up! It’s fool proof and I love that! With two toddlers, I just don’t have time to create activities like I used to. 2. Teachers create the materials! You know you are getting something of good quality that your kid will enjoy! 3. They’re local! I had to put them at the top of the list because what is better than seeing your kids learn, having fun, and supporting a small business all at once? Their monthly boxes always have a new theme your kids will love. You can shop their monthly subscriptions here! *BONUS! They also have books at a discounted price you can buy to coordinate with each month’s theme!
  2. Hudson + Jo. Similar to above, this is also a small local business that I adore! They are listed here for their incredible flash cards and educational posters! My kids LOVE flash cards, and we love to support local. We enjoy their Harry Potter and Disney takes on the alphabet! Check out their Etsy page here!
  3. Carson Dellosa! If you’ve been around East Valley Mom’s Blog long enough, or know me in real life (Hi Mom!) you know I’m a HUGE Disney fan, and so are my kids. I was lucky enough to win some Carson Dellosa preschool workbooks a while back on an Instagram giveaway, and then I HAD to buy the whole lot of them! Most of their books are WIPEABLE, which is a game changer for those of us with multiple kids. I don’t need to buy new books when my son is ready because these will still be fresh for him to use! My daughter loves seeing how each letter corresponds with different Disney characters and looking to see how many pots of “hunny” Pooh Bear needs to eat! The other great part about these is they come in MANY different age levels with TONS of different characters. (So WIN! Your Kindergardener, 1st Grader, and even 2nd grader can join the fun!) When we celebrate Star Wars Day in May (who am I kidding…we celebrate all month), we can do some Star Wars letters and numbers, too! Check them out HERE! Or find them on Amazon here!
  4. Busy Toddler! When my daughter became old enough to hate being inside all summer, I found myself frantically looking for indoor toddler activities. One of the first things I found was a blog article from the amazing Susie. If you aren’t already a huge fan of hers, I hope you will be now. She is a REAL mom, who posts real struggles, which is something I personally relate to. Not only that, but aside from her preschool curriculum she has some AWESOME activities for kids that are cheap, easy, and keep the kids entertained for hours. I will say I haven’t personally bought her preschool curriculum yet, I do all her activities and just pre-ordered her book off Amazon and I will say if I did not already have a ton of preschool curriculum, I would definitely buy hers! You can find her website, where her shop is currently 25% off and her list of many free activities here! Or follow her on Instagram here!
  5. Your own imagination! Listen, I could list a few more, but they aren’t as great as what’s listed above and your own creativity. I’ll be honest, I’ve always taught Jr. High and High School. So coming up with fun learning activities for my kids wasn’t something that came naturally to me. But you know what my daughter loves the most? The weird ideas I come up with. We paint rocks and then count them. We look at things around the room and add and subtract. It doesn’t always have to be some well thought out planned activity – some of the best ones are the ones you come up with yourself! 


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