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I’m a Mommy. That means quick showers, ten minutes to do hair and make up and occasionally a half hour to get ready for a monthly date night with my hubby.  So, when I was given the opportunity to try some high end, natural skin care products I was giddy with excitement! And Perfectly Posh did not disappoint. This unique line of luxurious spa products is cruelty free, made in the U.S.A. and has no harsh ingredients. Oh, and the best part is it is conveniently available through independent consultants, so I am definitely thinking of hosting a party soon to rack up some luscious free products!

***The Perfectly Posh brand was started just over a year ago by Ann Dalton, a woman who appreciated the need for women to spoil themselves with products that were reasonably priced and good for them and the environment. She had a vision for a company that offered the ability to indulge yourself from head to toe and the collection speaks for itself — I want everything in the catalog!

For now, I was lucky enough to try three essentials in my daily life: a good moisturizer, foot treatment and body scrub. I have tired skin (not surprising with two kids to chase after in 100 degree heat) and I often wear flip flops and rush through my beauty regiment at night. Time to slow down for a bit and take care of my face, body and tootsies!

Moisture 911 is a face and neck cream that is light, smooth and has a pleasant, citrus fragrance. The obscure part of this face cream is that it’s caffeinated! Hey, if I am going to wake my insides up with coffee, I might as well wake my skin up with a jolt of caffeine! What a refreshing experience. The caffeine gently tightens your skin, while aloe and glycerin blanket your face and neck in very rich yet very airy moisture. I did not feel it interfered with my other face products and it was non greasy, leaving my make up feeling softer on my face (a nice bonus in the heat of Arizona).  I have been using the product twice a day and notice I have a subtle glow on my skin which is always a nice little pick me up!

While I use good body wash to soften my skin, and also prefer natural products without dyes or fragrances I don’t add in body scrubs nearly enough.  They really work with your body wash to give you a supple radiance you can’t get with cleansing alone. I decided to try The Daily Grind Coffee Scrub from Perfectly Posh’s extensive line of scrubs because it’s rich in Arabica Seed and Extract which makes it tough on cellulite, and does a beautiful job of sloughing off dead skin cells to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate. I love the rich, sharp aroma and earthy ingredients that this scrub is comprised of. It makes you feel like having a spa treatment right in your own shower.

Raise your hand if you love peppermint. I sure do. So when I saw Perfectly Posh had an Intense Peppermint Hydrating Foot Mask I had to try it. There is an entire foot line complete with exfoliator, oil, soothing stick and of course, the foot mask. But I used the foot mask on its own and it worked wonders! You simply massage the thick, pink, spicy cream into your feet, let set, and rinse clean/dab dry. The tingly mint after effects are to die for! I went to bed happily dreaming of candy canes.

From healing sticks to hair treatments, to sugar scrubs and masks, Perfectly Posh can satisfy your need for hydration, refreshment and overall vivacity. Visit now to learn more and take the challenge, like I did, to pamper yourself a little each day.

***The products in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting a review. I was not financially compensated in any way for a positive review. All opinions are my own.***

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