Please Stop Asking When Baby #2 is Coming


Let me start by saying that I know there is no ill-intent when family or friends ask when we are having another baby, but to be honest…it gets annoying.

I gave birth to our daughter in the spring of 2019, so we are quickly approaching the 18 month mark. This seems to be the age when everyone starts to really ask when we are having another.

Upon being asked this question, the following thoughts enter my mind: “What if we don’t plan to? What if we are trying but having challenges conceiving? What if we are waiting a while? But most importantly, “Why is it anyone’s business?”

When I do answer, I constantly find myself explaining, or more like defending, our decision to wait to have another baby. Since having our daughter, the conversation of having more children comes up more frequently than not between my husband and I. But that’s how it should be…a conversation and decision made by the two of us.

For many people, they will say that having kids close in age is the best and many others will say a larger age gap is better. But guess what…either is perfect! Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that there are challenges in either scenario, but aren’t there challenges regardless? I think we can all agree that parenting is hard, but at the end of the day the best decision for us is the one we choose.

So, to answer everyone’s burning question of,  “When is baby #2 coming?” Our answer is as simple as this…when it’s time.

Sure we have our ideal time frame and estimated plan, but things don’t always go as planned. Not to mention, there are dozens of factors we’ve discussed and considered when talking about potentially having another baby. These factors could easily change tomorrow, six months from now or two years from now.

Either way, we are soaking up and valuing the time we have as a family of three and when we feel it’s time to grow our family, we will. So in the meantime, please stop asking us when we are having another baby and instead join us in cherishing the family we currently have.





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