Outdoor Activities for Kids: January Guide for Arizona Outside Play


outdoor activitiesYes, we know kids need more time outdoors.

Yes, we’re all trying to make the best of the cooler temperatures this time of year to nurture outdoorsy time with our kids, from the backyard and beyond.

Here’s a few ideas for every age/stage for getting those hours logged for 1000 hours outside for 2023!


East Valley Moms



  • Mommy and Me Hiking Meetups | Our next one is January 20 at 9 a.m., free for families, it’s a low-key, low-stakes outdoor outing with other local moms. RSVP here.
  • Fishing | I’ve been taking my toddler fishing at the city ponds this winter. We have his $12 kids fishing pole that has a plastic fish on the end of the line for him to reel in as many times as possible, so no hooks and worms to worry about.
  • Chalk art | This has been on repeat for Lindsay’s big age gap siblings this month, plus when rains hit in late December, it was excitement for a new canvas each time the rain came!
  • Nightly walks | We’ve bundled up our two toddlers along with the dogs for a nightly walk that we all enjoy. The kids love ‘walking the dogs’ and we’re enjoying a little bit of intentional movement bundled up together.


  • Carl’s Damaged Animals | Right outside the Riparian Preserve is a residential home that has rescued cows, pigs, donkeys and more that kids can feed.
  • Movies in the Park | I’m not sure if this really counts as outdoorsy play, since it is screen time, but man kids sure love movies under the stars!
  • Backyard bonfires | The allure of s’mores is more than enough to teach kids the love of sitting around the campfire (aka fire pit).
  • Soccer goals | If Santa brought a soccer net, or a basketball hoop, this is the time to get all the practice in!


  • Mountain Biking Trails | Desert Trails Park in Mesa is an easily accessible park for beginners to try something new this season.
  • Football | Two of Amanda’s pre-teen boys have been doing daily football meetups with their friends at the park.
  • Snowboarding | This is the time for SNOW in Arizona!!! Easily a day trip, if your tweens want to be snow bunnies, this could be a splurge-worthy outdoor activity.


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