Not a Pinterest Mom? Not to Worry. We have some Insanely Easy Fall Activities for You and the Kids!


Fall is the best, isn’t it?

Fun outdoor things to do around town start to emerge as we slowly claw ourselves out of the blazing Arizona summer; holidays are right around the corner; and all the best harvest decor, crafts, and activities make their way out of hibernation from last year. This transition is always so exciting.

Now, in theory, I love all these things. I really do! But I’m just not your typical “Pinterest goals” kinda gal, so these incredible activities, crafts, and recipes can intimidate me just a little. If you’re like me and need some good Fall 101 inspirations, here are some of my best pumpkin ideas that are too simple and sure to get you into the seasonal spirit.

Pumpkin Activities

Mini-Pumpkin Bowling: Whether you have really little ones or kids who are bit older, the cost/benefits ratio of this game looks off the charts! Just set up some toilet paper rolls like bowling pins, grab a few mini pumpkins from your local grocery store, and let your children knock it all down. How fun! No toilet paper rolls? You could make pins by simply rolling some construction paper up and taping the ends together, or just use blocks or plastic cups–whatever you have handy. I think the “pumpkin as the bowling ball” element is truly the big win here.

Low-Maintenance Pumpkin Decorating: Pumpkin carving seems incredibly involved, and I have a toddler with the attention span of a gnat. Paint also scares me with a toddler for so many reasons. But I really love decorating pumpkins and wanted to find some easier, doable mediums in which to do this. I really like just getting some puffy/thicker Halloween stickers from Target and letting my son stick those on some mini pumpkins. You could also just let them color on any size pumpkins with washable markers. Stickers and markers feels less intimidating to me, but still fun to do for a fall activity.

Pumpkin Decor&Crafts

Mason Jar Pumpkins: When it comes to crafting decor for my actual home, I personally need it to be idiot proof and not dependent on accuracy. These easy Mason Jar Pumpkins fit that bill for me. Spray paint mason jars with orange paint, draw triangles for eyes and a jack-0-lantern mouth with a permanent marker. Done! I thought I was pretty clever to even think to add an electronic tea light inside for ambiance. If you’re looking for more of that Joanna Gaines-chalk paint-wine cork-burlap look, these also appear easy enough.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins: This no-sew/no-skill required craft is right up my alley. Tucking fabric into a hole and tying a ribbon to a stick feels incredibly attainable. I’m also feeling super smart by thinking you could do this with red fabric to make it look like apples because apples are also a fall thing, right? (Maybe I am actually a little more Pinterest-y than I thought?!)

Pumpkin Recipes

Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins: You heard me right. These muffins legitimately only have two ingredients: canned pumpkin puree and boxed spice cake mix. Could not be easier! Ya’ll, I had another genius idea to get crazy fancy and mix pumpkin pie spice with cream cheese frosting to put on top of these! #whoevenamIrightnow #yourewelcome

Savory Pumpkin Casserole: Casseroles are a classic dish because they are one-pan meals that you simply mix together and throw in the oven. And friends, this creamy, herbaceous, delicious pumpkin casserole does not disappoint! (Skip the part about making your own pumpkin puree if you want. Canned puree will do just fine.) Please do yourself a favor and make this at least once this fall! It says its keto which is totally fine if that’s your thing, but pair it with a crusty sourdough bread for some well-deserved indulgence.

I hope this takes some of the intimidation out of jumping in to all things fall. More than anything, just enjoy this lovely time of year having fun with your family and loved ones! Happy Fall, ya’ll!


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