Mommy + Me Hiking Meetups with East Valley Moms


You guys blew me away with the excitement over our mommy + me hiking meet up support! We’re thrilled to have seven meet ups scheduled for the fall/winter, and we can’t wait to meet you on the trail!

Each hiking meet-up is a casual group hike intended for moms with babies/tots in hiking backpacks or young kids who are eagar to hike on their own.

You know your family’s abilities best, so we encourage you to look at each trail for each meet up to decide what’s best for your family. (We like for reviews and tips!) Details for each meetup are on our eventbrite page, where you can register for each individual hike.

Beginner, intermediate and experienced hikers are all welcome! These are kid-friendly, easy hikes intended to encourage and support moms of young kids to begin hiking.We added Friday/Saturday/Sunday hiking options to fit different family’s schedules, and these meetups are free, but we are asking for a donation to support Save the Family, a Mesa-based nonprofit that works to equip families to overcome underlying issues that lead to homelessness – ensuring stable homes, safe children and strong families.

When you RSVP for the hiking meet-ups, please consider a small donation as our way of supporting local families around us.hiking


Tips for hiking with kids:

  • Research the trail before you head out so you know what to expect.
  • Bring plenty of water! Amazon has some options for kid-sized Camelbak style hydration packs. If your kid is old enough to wear a backpack and hike, this takes a load off you.
  • Snacks. Snacks. Snacks…they can carry their own in their fancy new hydration pack! Make sure to keep track of the wrappers so you don’t litter!
  • Hold hands if the trails seem rough and keep them within an arms reach on steeper trails.
  • Take lots of breaks. They’re kids and this is a new skill for them. The first couple times be prepared to turn back before the end of the trail and don’t take it too seriously if you do. It’s supposed to be fun and will get easier the more you go!


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