Meet the Mompreneur Whose Daughter with Special Needs Inspired Her Business


  • Name:  Kim Nothdurft
  • Age: 42
  • Location:  Gilbert AZ
  • Children: LilyAnna (19), Andi Jane (16), Oliver (12), Alfonso (6), Isabella (5)

You founded a business! Tell us about your company.

I started CAC Family Support in 2019 and we provide support (caregiving) services to individuals with developmental delays and are members of the Arizona DDD (division of developmental disabilities).

Why did you want to start your own business?

I wanted to do something that I was passionate about! I wanted to support families that were like us!

We have a child with developmental delays and use these services. I wanted to match families with wonderful caregivers.

Tell us a little bit about your family!

My husband, Andrew, and I have been married 20 years and have 5 kids!

Our oldest, LilyAnna, has a rare genetic disorder that causes severe global delays. She is the oldest child and her just being her wonderful self has changed the course of our lives and the way we parent our other children and live this life we live!

Next up is our athletic cheerful Andi Jane, our skater boy Oliver and our youngest two we added to our family through the gift of adoption, Alfonso is our tender-hearted, bug-loving boy and Isabella is the youngest, yet she is the CEO of our home. She is the official boss baby.

What was your motivation to pivot your career to being an mompreneur?

Being Lily’s mom makes a regular 9-5 a difficult career path; her care is a full time job in itself. I needed flexibility to make her needs priority.

How do you make time for self-care in between all that you have going on? What do you do to unwind after a long day or week?

Between parenting and working my down time is nearly nonexistent but I do prioritize my workouts and attend Burn Bootcamp daily for 45 minutes. I need this in my life and don’t want to imagine how I would deal with all my stressors without this release

What lessons have you learned in your career that you apply to parenting?

Don’t commit to more than you can handle. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

I keep my agency small so I can meet the needs of my clients. I think this should be a life lesson as well.

You can’t be 100% at anything when you have too many tabs open.

How has motherhood impacted you personally and professionally?

Motherhood has changed everything about me. Especially being a special needs mother. There is an understanding of life when you see how fragile it is.

This gives a freedom to parent from the perspective each day is a gift and to enjoy the moments. I love parenting with a bit of free spirit and I don’t know if I would have done so if Lily wasn’t our first child.

I also am available to help families with support services even if I am unable to meet their caregiving needs – I love to help families navigate the system, especially new to this world families.

For some fun chit-chat, now!

  • Favorite East Valley date night activity? We love Top Golf or anything that includes something active … we are a little competitive. I also love a good bruchetta board and wine night at postinos in downtown Gilbert.
  • Coffee order? I am loving the ice shaken espresso with brown sugar syrup and cold foam on top right now
  • Favorite restaurant in the East Valley? Pho Chandler or Postino
  • Greatest challenge in your career thus far? Always being on call. There is no time I am unavailable
  • Most embarrassing mom moment? How about having had Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert Fire all come rescue me and unlock my running vehicles while children were in it? 3 separate occasions. They have gotten much faster over the years.
  • Best mom advice you’ve been given? Chose your battles and it’s the same advice I pass along.
  • Last Netflix show you binged? Clickbait
  • Favorite family tradition? I love how we celebrate every birthday and special occasions with a cheers with sparkling cider! I also love going around the table and saying our favorite thing we love about the birthday person. (It can be the only time we hear siblings talk nice about each other haha)


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