Meet the Mompreneur Who is Making Family-Sized Meal Preps Accessible


In our recent summer update on our Strong as a Mother mid-year goals check-in, we mentioned that in addition to getting back into the gym, we’ve begun leaning on a meal prep service to help streamline healthy meals (and keep my oven off this summer).

We strive to support local mom-owned businesses, so we were thrilled to find Stacey Weber, founder of EAT, who offers not only family-sized meal prepping, but also full catering services as well.

Read on to hear how Stacey had to skip maternity leave, thanks to her kiddo arriving a month early in the holiday rush season of catering! 



Name: Stacey Weber
Age: 39
Location:  Phoenix
Children: Jack, 4.5

You founded a business! Tell us about your company.  

EAT encompasses all things food. We offer full-service catering services, a pre-order meal service and private chef services. All of the food we prepare is made at our kitchen in Phoenix with a focus on local, organic and seasonal ingredients. We strive to make eating well easy and love bringing people together with food!

Why did you want to start your own business?

I never dreamed I would! After working long hours in restaurants, I knew I wanted to do something more creative and personalized. I started as a personal chef for one family and it grew like wildfire. Now I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Tell us a little bit about your family!

Our family unit is less conventional than most! Jack’s dad and I are not married and he works out of state often, so I have definitely played the single working parent role a lot. It has allowed Jack and I to create a really strong bond. 

We have two Boston terrier puppies and a seven-year-old lab. We are spontaneous and go with the flow in our house! We love to travel hike and have friends over, there is never a dull moment!

What was your motivation to pivot your career to being an mompreneur?

Oh dear…..turning my title from entrepreneur to mompreneur was not planned and rather a big surprise! It has been the ultimate challenge and blessing. Being a mompreneur has added such a fun element to my business. I now know firsthand the stress and struggles of being a mom and working full time, getting a healthy meal on the table can be challenging.  I work hard to make this easy for parents.

Were you able to take maternity leave? Tell us about that experience.  

No! Jack blessed us with is arrival one month early and one week before Christmas on our busiest catering day of the year. I remember editing catering proposals from the hospital bed and when I felt well enough, I was quickly back to catering events on a limited basis between feedings!

I took time when I could. It took a village to keep the business running smooth and care for a newborn. I relied heavily on my family and employees for support. 

How do you make time for self-care in between all that you have going on? What do you do to unwind after a long day or week? 

It is hard to find time for self-care, but when my schedule opens up I take full advantage! I almost always wrap my day up with a good glass of wine, I enjoy dining out at local spots with friends and family and twice a month I get an in home massage in the evening and go right to bed after. 

How has motherhood impacted you personally and professionally?

Motherhood has required me to manage my time better both personally and professionally.  Professionally, motherhood has allowed me to be ok with loosing all control and taught me to delegate and trust. Personally, I really have had to learn not to sweat the small stuff!

Is there a promo code or discount code you can offer readers?

Yes! 15 percent off meal prep services with code EVM15.

For some fun chit-chat, now!

  • Favorite East Valley date night activity?: Bike to tacos and spicy margs!
  • Coffee order?: ½ caff oat milk blended mocha
  • Greatest challenge in your career thus far?: Building a solid team. This job is hard work!
  • Most embarrassing mom moment?: Jack yelled “I’m a d**k” in a store……….eeeeek
  • Last Netflix show you binged?: Queen’s Gambit
  • Favorite family tradition?: Summers at the lake
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