March Disney Family Date Night: Inside Out


Welcome back to our year-long adventure! I hope you’re enjoying our new Disney Family Movie Night! For the month of March, I decided to pick a movie that really helps our kids figure out their emotions and process what it means to have emotions- Inside Out! 

March Movie: Inside Out

March Craft: Inside Out Masks! 

I have a stack of what I call “crafting plates” in my house, and recently inquired way more popsicle sticks then I needed. So I searched “paper plate inside out craft” and found THIS. It was honestly so easy and so fun. My kids are 4 and 2, so they didn’t end up looking as picture perfect as these ones. But we honestly, had so much fun choosing our emotion, and making these fun masks! 

All you need is a paper plate, paint, and construction paper. You can add an optional popsicle stick for some parade fun! 

March Sensory Fun: Inside Out Sensory Bin! 

For the March Sensory bin, I stayed super simple again. I don’t like getting too crazy with my sensory bins or else it takes the fun out of it for me. I used these rainbow water beads off amazon (occasionally one sale). I’ve also been told you can buy water beads from the dollar store, so I’ll be looking into that. I threw in these rainbow hearts (emotion pieces that come with a corresponding emotion page for an additional activity) and some inside out characters we had lying around. My son enjoyed just playing with them, as usual. However my daughter ended up matching the hearts to the corresponding character and then separating out the rainbow beads into cups by “emotion” (aka color). Overall, it was tons of sensory fun! 

March Activity: How am I feeling? And Food Coloring Emotions

First we started with a little page I made, I added all the Inside out Characters at the top. My kids circled which character they felt like today, and then we talked about why (mine are too little to write a sentence still). Then we talked about times we may have felt like other characters. It was a great way to recognize our emotions and coping skills. 

Next, I found this fun activity on Pinterest long ago and knew it would be perfect to pair with this movie! I found this back when I was working in special education, so my apologies for not being able to find the original link. Basically, you get some food coloring (blue, red, yellow- you could add green and purple if you wanted to, but we didn’t) and some cotton rounds. Take a permanent marker and draw happy, sad, and angry faces on the cotton rounds in permanent marker. Next you mix the food coloring in separate plastic cups with water. You don’t need a lot, just a few drops! Next take a disposable dropper (or a reusable one if you have them) and let your little one drop the correct color on the correct face. This helps with recognizing facial expressions and moods. 

My 4 year old daughter loved doing this, however, my 2 year old son had fun watching the colors change and that was perfectly fine with me! 

March Snack/Treat: Emotional cookies and/or brownies! 

The simplest treat yet, but was definitely my kiddos new favorite! 

I literally just made cookies with kids (you could definitely make brownies or cupcakes instead) threw on some white icing and put some coordinated colored candies on top to make one for each character! SUPER easy as far as themed treats go, and a HUGE hit! 

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