Looking for a New Tradition for the New Year? Try Doing a Disney Family Monthly Movie Date!


To kick off the new year, I’ve decided to start something extra fun with my Disney-loving family. I hope that you will all join in on the fun with us!

Starting this month, and for the rest of the year I’ll be sharing our Disney Family Monthly Movie Date. Each month, we will pick a kid-friendly Disney movie to watch as a family. I’ll share an activity, sensory bin, craft, and snack/meal to coordinate with your Disney movie so you can make a whole day (or a whole week) of it!

January Movie: Frozen

January feels like the perfect month for a Frozen adventure. With the weather still cold, and holiday spirit dwindling- It’s time for a Frozen adventure! 

For extra nights of extra fun feel free to add: Frozen 2, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Once Upon a Snowman, and Frozen Fever. All are currently available on Disney+ except Frozen Fever.

January Craft: Make a Snowflake! 

Here in Arizona, specifically the East Valley, we don’t typically see many snowflakes. You may need to start with explaining what a snowflake is before getting started! 

I wanted to keep this craft simple and versatile, so that any age kid can join along! There are so many ways you can create your snowflake, so start by deciding paper or popsicle sticks! My kids are still too young to use scissors on their own, so we went the popsicle stick route! For paper snowflakes your kids can start by painting or coloring their paper. Next, fold the paper at least 4 times and let your kiddo cut around the edges in whatever pattern/shapes they want! Unfold and add glitter (if you dare) or glue on foam shapes! 

For popsicle sticks you can follow the same idea! Let you kid(s) color or paint their popsicle sticks. You can make extras if you want to cut some in half for your kids to make an extreme snowflake! Next glue the popsicle sticks together in the center. Add glitter, foam shapes, or rhinestones for extra fun! 

January Sensory Fun: Frozen Sensory Bin and PlayDoh

For the January sensory bin I ordered these water beads from amazon, when I bought them they were on sale for $9.00 (if the price has gone up, you can probably search for a cheaper option). I added in some snowflake pieces that I made, but you can also buy them here. Lastly, I threw in a few of our Frozen Little People! It was easy and my kids loved it! 

When my kids got tired of the sensory bin, we took the snowflakes out and made snowflake imprints in our playdoh for some more sensory fun! 

January Activity: Olaf Bowling! 

Sticking with simple here, because it is the post holiday season! I stole an awesome idea from this post of Olaf’s bowling. Just print the printable or get creative and make your own snowman/Olaf pages to add to your bowling set!

No bowling set? No problem! I didn’t have one either (and I didn’t want to buy one just for this) so we used empty water bottles from the recycling can, if your kids are older, you could use half full or quarter full water bottles to add some difficulty to it! We used a rubber ball from my kid’s basketball hoop for the bowling ball. Here is a link to an actual Frozen Bowling Set if you are looking to splurge and buy your kids a gift!

We printed some Olaf coloring pages, colored them and numbered them so we could practice counting and math while enjoying some bowling! It was so fun! My kids loved bowling, and my daughter did more math than ever. She was counting how many pins were down and how many were up! 

January Snacks/Treats:

  • Frozen Rice Krispy Treats  – This recipe is so cute and looks delicious.
  • Olaf Noses or Sven Treats -Baby Carrots dipped in ranch!
  • Frozen Bites – We put marshmallows on skewers and dip them in melted white chocolate with blue food coloring! 
  • Olaf Cheese– I just drew a picture of olaf on the outside of a string cheese wrapper! (for the moms who want to do minimal cooking/baking)
  • A Melted Olaf– I take a vanilla pudding cup (or you could make your own) and put 3 chocolate chips and two pretzel sticks on top!
  • Snowballs– If you are looking to do NO work, just buy some powdered sugar donuts! 

Be sure to tag us or hashtag #EVMDISNEYNITE if you join in on the fun via Social Media. 


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