Check Out What Your Library Has For Moms



I’ve always loved to read, and the library was one of my favorite places to go as a child.  I want my daughter to develop a love for reading and learning, and going to the library is a part of that.  As a mom, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the library and all of its many resources.  Here are also some great ways that libraries can make mom life a little easier:

Books – When you’ve read The Hungry Caterpillar a million times, the opportunity to get new books to put in the storytime rotation is priceless.  It’s fun to go to the library with the kids and pick out books together – it gets them more excited about reading and exploring new books.  With so many books – ranging from the classics to new titles – there’s a never-ending supply to choose from.    

Storytimes – One of the questions I had as a new mom, was, “What am I going to do with my child each day?”  Taking my daughter to the library for toddler time became a fun part of our week.  This gave her practice in sitting still (sometimes) and listening to the story, in addition to interacting with other children at a young age.  The crafts that take place after the story are both fun and educational.  Storytimes are held for babies through preschoolers, so this is something moms can take advantage of during those critical early years of development. 

DVDs – I don’t know about you, but since we’ve had our princess, we don’t go to the movies as much as we used to.  Checking out DVDs from the library is a great alternative to renting.  We check out old and new movies in a variety of genres – everything from action, family, suspense & comedy.  The library will also likely have seasons of the TV shows you used to watch when you had more time, in addition to your child’s favorite TV friends.  For those of us trying to get or stay in shape, they even have exercise and fitness DVDs available.

Children’s Events – In addition to story time, the library hosts a variety of other free events for kids each month.  For example, your child can visit a local library to dance, build with blocks and other materials, and learn about science.  Some events do require registration, so check their calendar for more details.  

Workshops for Adults – It’s nice for moms to get out of the house for some fun and personal development.  The library hosts book clubs and drum circles, plus workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, computer skills, crochet, investing, and gardening.   

Culture Pass – It can be a challenge finding economical entertainment for the family.  Well, there’s nothing more affordable than free, and the Culture Pass program enables library cardholders to check out passes for free admission for two to participating arts and cultural institutions.  Passes are checked out on a first-come, first served basis and are good for 7 days.  There are even passes available for plays, puppet shows, and ballet or symphony performances.     

Between the city and county libraries, there is most likely a location near you.  So dust off or obtain a library card, and see what your local library has in store for you and your family.  You’ll be glad you did!


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