It’s okay if your kids don’t go to college


photo of a graduate in cap and gown holding flowers with text "Its ok if your kids don't go to college"I am a millennial.  College was always preached to us.  “If you don’t go to college….” 

Shouldn’t we be asking high school students more along the lines of: “What are you doing after graduation?” and not asking where they are going to college?

The mindset that all students must go to a four-year university needs to shift. I think it can cause anxiety in high school students with the added pressure of getting into the biggest and “best” school.  

I am not hating college and university life, and do hope my kids will go someday for the experience; My hope is just for the narrative to be open and not define someone if they decide to not attend school any further. 



Here’s a few other options, if your high schooler isn’t interested in four year universities:

EVIT ( is a fantastic option for high school students to learn a trade while they go to school. With more than 40 vocational training options, it’s not only great for students wanting to pursue a long-term career, but even for students wanting a vocational career to support themselves while they go to school. 

Rio Salado College offers more than 135 certificate and degree programs and is part of the Maricopa Community College District (Mesa Community College, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, etc). They offer associate degrees, certifications and university transfer programs. 

Local city governments often have great jobs for kids looking to learn skills to transform into a career. For example, the City of Mesa pays for commercial drivers license training on the job, which can save thousands of dollars from going to a driving school, plus getting paid on the job for the training. My husband has worked his way up through the City of Mesa and has made a fulfilling career; plus local governments are generous in investing in employee development  programs from mentoring to certifications. 


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