I’m not cool and I’m OK with that



Sure, “cool” is a relative term. Some of the coolest people I know would be considered nerds by other people’s standards. But I think it’s safe to say that I was never cool.

Going way back, I was a definite “goody two shoes.” You know the one…the teacher put you in charge when she left the room for a moment. High school was spent on the yearbook staff, in choir and theater, teaching preschoolers at church and going on mission trips with the youth group. My mom was my best friend and my parents trusted me. I’ve never been drunk, have never tried drugs, never missed a curfew or snuck out and, well, never had any wild oats to sow.

When people reflect longingly on their wild youth, I just shrug.

I'm not cool. And I'm OK with that. Tabitha Dumas for East Valley Moms Blog

Rowdy spring break trips, drunken shenanigans, one night stands…as an expectant mother of two nearing the age of 40, I don’t wax nostalgic about those days because I never had them.

I’ve become OK with that because I think I’ve also avoided a lot of heartache and drama, too.

I love my life at 39 as a writer, blogger, community volunteer and Image Consultant. Do you know what’s “cool” in my world these days (mostly according to Instagram)? Coffee, donuts, macarons, exotic cocktails, short shorts, high heels, messy buns…none of which I indulge in. I’m more the gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, one-cup-a-day (with a little sugar and almond milk), pregnant, modestly-dressed, nonexistent clothing budget type. Very un-cool.

The fact is, I’m happiest reading magazines, floating in my folks’ pool, playing board games with my sons, looking for bargains at Goodwill or hanging out at the front desk at the Gilbert Historical Museum. My husband and I run a non-profit together so that’s our hobby at the moment.

Our lives are slow, simple and intentional, just the way we like it.

I’ve accepted that I’m not cool. And I’m OK with never becoming cool. I actually think not being cool at a young age makes it easier to accept my current phase of life with its limitations. I don’t know what I’m missing.

Oh and did I mention we’re in the market for a mini-van?


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