I Want My Kid To Try It All


I was scrolling my Instagram feed last week and I saw a video of someone at a skate park, holding the hands of a little girl and helping her learn how to go a little way up and down a small-version of a half pipe. “Dang, I wish someone would teach me how to skateboard.”

I Want My Kid To Try It All

Here’s the thing that I’ve recently realized – there are SO many things that I haven’t tried (yet) but most of those things are a million times harder to learn now that I’m all grown up. If I show up to a skate park with a board, I’m probably going to be laughed out of there by a bunch of 11 year olds. No one is going to hold my hands. As you become an adult, people just expect you to be good at most things that you try. It’s scarier and so much harder to be a novice as an adult.

I wish I knew how to skateboard or wake surf or snowboard.

I wish I could play a musical instrument.

It’d be kinda cool to know how to shoot a bow and arrow. 

I wish I spoke a foreign language fluently.

I’m certainly not saying that I’m not going to learn these things (mama is still young!), but I am saying that I wish I had tried these things when I was younger. When it’s easier to learn these things. When your brain is soaking up all of this awesome knowledge and when it’s not as scary to fall off a skateboard. 

I don’t ever want to be the type of Mom who is forcing my kids to play ALL the sports and try ALL the things, but I am certainly going to encourage them to try out for the sports team, pick up that weird (and most likely expensive and really loud musical instrument). I want to vow to myself that I won’t stop buying fishing rods when my kids are curious or signing them up for things that I have no idea about (like hockey). I want both of my boys to try many different things so that they have those skills and so that they can begin to discover some of their hopefully many, passions. 


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