I Have A Confession | I Don’t Do It All


Its a new year so that means it’s confession time. I’ve been holding on to this secret for years.  



I’m embarrassed to admit this, but it’s time to come clean. Ugh, my nerves are shot! 




I hate reading to my kids. 


Don’t even look at me.

Stop it!  

Yes, you just read that. Go ahead and judge me.


I think of myself as a good freaking mom and love my children, but cringe when they ask me to read to them. I’ll suck it up and do it though. I just might skip a few pages, and shorten the story a bit so it will be over with quicker.  

I was asked just a few weeks ago

You just do it all don’t you? Is there anything you can’t do?! 

Clearly, the answer is yes, and apparently reading to my kids is just one of those many things. I wish I had the patience for it.  Seeing other people happily reading to their kids makes me feel horrible, sometimes. Then I think, maybe they are cringing inside too? Maybe they’re just like me, but nicer? You never know what secret a picture might be holding.   

It’s an amazing season of life when kids get to the age of reading on their own, it’s sweet sweet bliss.

Kid: mom, there’s nothing to do, i’m bored. 
Me: why don’t you read a book.
Kid: *runs to room with books, shuts door.*
Me: *enjoys a moment of peace*

Everybody wins. 

Okay, now that I’ve been brave and confessed, it’s your turn to be brave! 

What is something you just can’t do as a parent? Can you not stand reading to your kids too?  

I’m sure we all have something! Be brave, share, we are in this together! My husband is on the same page with me, of the same book that neither of us are reading to our kids. 😉



  1. Right there with you on not liking to read to my kids, and feeling guilty about it. I like reading, but reading to my kids feels like a chore (though I know it’s good for them and we still do it!).


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