How to Make Mom Friends When Your Kids are Tweens & Teens



It is amazing the friendships you can make when you have littles, because there are many programs that involve parent/child activities….but what do you do when your kids are middle and high school?

This was something that I really struggled with, especially when we moved to Arizona and my kids where in middle and high school.  
I didn’t have field trips anymore or classroom parties that gave me the opportunity to connect with other moms in elementary school.  
This is when I had to be much more intentional about making friends.
Here’s a few ideas on how to make mom friends when the playdates dry up.
1. Neighborhood activities.  I met several ladies by going to neighborhood activities like Bunco or book club.  They might even have a moms night out, or you could start something like this in your community.
2. Church Bible Study.  This has been my greatest method of making deep friendships with other moms.  There is something about not only sharing your struggles, but knowing that other ladies are praying and thinking of you during the week really made the relationships go deeper much quicker and sooner.
3. Volunteering at the school.  I helped out at the school with the PTO and different activities to meet other moms of kiddos my same kids ages.  This also gave me so much gratitude for those teachers, because teaching pre-puberty and hormonal teens means they have an entirely higher level of patience, that is a true gift from God.
4. Volunteering/Joining other organizations that you have a heart to serve.  I have met some amazing ladies being a part of East Valley Moms Collective and when I served in my kids sporting events and at vacation Bible school.  There is something that draws folks together when you are serving others.
I just want to share that some of my closest friends, have not been my age, but have been a bit older than me and have kids in the next season as mine.  
This alone has been such a huge blessing for me, because they listen, empathize and encourage me that I’m not crazy.  
Having someone tell you that this is normal behavior, and you will get through this season is so comforting.  
I encourage you reaching out of your comfort zone as well, and maybe meet and friend someone younger than you, and pour some of your knowledge into their hearts.
After living through the pain of isolation early on in motherhood, we all know that we need other woman friends in our life. So, be vulnerable, introduce yourself, and offer a smile to a new face.


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