How to host a turnkey Mother’s Day picnic


photo of picnic set up in a park near a lake with text "how to host a turnkey mother's day picnic"What happens when baby showers and bridal showers have all been done for your besties? 

Isn’t it still fun to gather together, just with the girls, to celebrate the sisterhood of the women you’re doing life side by side with, and pamper them a bit?

Recently, our full team of contributors gathered together for an early Mother’s Day celebration to celebrate us, and it was a reminder that your friends are worth celebrating with just because, no milestone life event necessary. Because we’re 10 busy moms, we agreed to ‘come as you are.’ One came straight from Pat’s Run, one came straight from a cheer competition, and we were missing one of us as she traveled back to Ohio for her godmother’s funeral. 

Read on for how to create an attainable special event for the women in your life.



The set up

Scheduling all of us in one place at one time, especially on a Saturday with sports, birthday parties, etc., is hard. We picked the date three months in advance to ensure we were all able to be here, and tried to make it somewhat around Mother’s Day. 

Since I had recently collaborated with Afternoon Picnics for Maverick’s birthday, I was so excited to see what the owner, Fatima, would come up with for this picnic theme since there were no kids involved. 

I also recently had Braid Babes come to my house for Valentine’s Day, so I invited the mobile braid bar to come pamper the team as well. Their braid team shows up ready to braid hair for family photos, birthdays, or in our case, a just because Saturday to remind us that we’re worth celebrating. 

The Braid Bar 


My newest obsession, Braid Babes has talented braiders drive to YOU. They’ll come just for one person (like for family photos, as a wedding guest, etc.), but they also do braid bar parties, like what I planned for our team. 

We had two braiders, and I gave everyone the heads up that we would be having our hair braided, and to arrive with inspiration (and clean hair) for what type of braid they wanted. 

The braiders arrived with a full set-up to transform Desert Breeze Park into a beauty bar. Fluffy carpets, a cozy chair and a fully stocked toolbox of hair accessories made all our braid dreams come true–and they work FAST! 

The picnic 

I’ve learned that giving creative professionals full creative reign over a project typically turns out better than whatever my pinterest board vision would’ve come up with. I told Afternoon Picnic’s owner, Fatima, that we were celebrating Mother’s Day, and to take it from there.

Afternoon Picnics does offer catering services, but since our picnic was 3-5 p.m.  I opted for fruits, lemonades and light bites to keep it easy to implement. (No shame in a grocery pickup order on the way to the picnic). The china that Afternoon Picnics brings to each picnic makes anything you serve look beautiful, and so I knew light bites would be just as stunning as custom treats, thanks to her impressive inventory of china and glassware. 


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