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Nothing ratchets up your workout like great music! Not only does it get you going, but research shows it keeps you going by providing motivation to make your workout longer and more intense. It is amazing how the right combination of songs can totally transform a workout, which is exactly why music is such an important part of the classes I teach.

I always look forward to working out, but let’s be honest, sometimes the motivation just isn’t all there for me.  On those days, I rely on an extra push from music to get me on my feet and through the workout.  So before you workout, put the music in by creating a playlist that will energize and inspire you.  Keep it fresh and let the music move you!

This week, I am including a 60 minute playlist to fuel YOUR workout. See if you like any of the songs I have picked out and let me know your favorites in the comments section below. I hope this helps you ROCK your workout!

And if you want to amp up your workout with dance (which hands down is the best cardio workout), come check out a Dancer Sculpt class where I will be playing songs from this playlist all next week.

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Workout Playlist

Get  Up (A Cowboys Anthem)                                  Kelly Clarkson

Dancing Tonight (feat. Fo Onassis)                         Kat Deluna

Time Machine                                                              Robyn

Wake Me Up                                                                 Avicii

Roar                                                                                Katy Perry

American Girl                                                               Bonnie McKee

Better Than Her (feat. Akon)                                    Matisse

Flesh and Bone                                                             The Killers

Safe and Sound                                                            Capital Cities

It’s Time (Kat Krazy Mix)                                          Imagine Dragons

Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)                         Robin Thicke

I’m Alive                                                                         Michael Franti & Spearhead

#Beautiful (feat. Fringe) Workout version            d’Macy

Gone, Gone, Gone (Workout mix)                           Power trip

Girl on Fire (Workout Mix)                                       Workout Remix Factory

And We Danced                                                           Macklemore

Go Home (feat. Mick Jagger & Wolfgang)   

Not Falling Apart                                                         Maroon 5

Counting Stars                                                              One Republic

Heartbeat                                                                       JJAMZ


What are your favorite songs to get you moving?


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