Favorite baby gifts for the first six months


My baby girl just turned six months old and as I was packing up her outgrown clothes and lamenting the cute outfits she’d never worn, I got to thinking about all the fun gifts we received and the ones we’ve used the most so far. For any expectant moms or people shopping for baby gifts, here are my ten favorite baby gifts for the first six months.

Favorite Baby Gift for the first six months | East Valley Moms Blog

Anything personalized

From burp cloths embroidered with her name to her diaper bag with her name embroidered on it to the “I’m proof that God answers prayers” onesie my aunt had made, personalized gifts are so sweet and appreciated.

Zipper pajamas

Tired babies don’t have the patience for lots of snaps and cute jammies count as day wear, too, right?


Newborns don’t need toys but by the time I noticed Kate grasping and grabbing, I was glad to have rattles and teethers that were easy for her to hold.

Muslin blankets (the more, the better!)

Even for a baby born in September, this was the only blanket we needed on an everyday basis. I took one everywhere and used it as a burp cloth and nursing cover, too. It’s still her favorite way to nap. Options are nice so you can coordinate with the baby’s outfit. 

Sophie the giraffe

It’s a squeaky teething toy perfect for little hands. I didn’t even know about Sophie with my last baby but thankfully we received one as a baby shower gift and Kate loved it from the first time she held it and as of her six month birthday, it’s still in her top five. She gets excited when she hears her squeaking from afar!

Baby gifts first six months- Tabitha Dumas for East Valley Moms Blog

Silicone jewelry

These are brilliant inventions and great for the “tasting everything I can get my hands on” phase. Kate started grabbing for my jewelry sooner than I remember with my boys (I guess there IS a difference between boys and girls!) and since I don’t want to give up on wearing jewelry altogether, pieces she can chew is perfect. One is a bracelet that fits perfectly in her hand and serves as a teething ring. I often give the necklaces to people as I hand her to them to make the transition to new arms easier.


As soon as Kate’s legs were strong enough and she could hold her head up well, she adored being upright and in the middle of the action. Months later she’s still exploring the toys and has become an avid jumper. While the Jumperoo is our favorite, exer-saucers and doorway jumpers are great, too.

Date blocks

I saw them on Instagram and ordered immediately but there are lots of fun ways to take the baby’s weekly or monthly pictures including stickers for their shirt. We also have a plush doll and a cactus pillow I use every month to see how she’s grown. Having something cute to use motivates me to keep up with the pictures, too!


Yes, socks are just practical but there are so many fun ones out there that grow with them, it’s fun to coordinate with their outfits. Some even look like the baby is wearing shoes!

Gift cards

This one is kind of a “duh” but they really came in handy because we didn’t predict Kate to be as small as she is so we needed more long-sleeve onesies and pants than we thought. I also used Target gift cards on essentials like a nursing bra and lanolin cream. While sometimes seen as impersonal, the people who gave me gift cards are heroes in my book.

I hope this list of favorite baby gifts has been helpful! Now I kind of wish a half-year baby shower was a thing so we could have everything we need for the next six months. 


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