Embrace the 2017 Spring Color Trends




When spring arrives, most of us are happy to trade the black and gray we wore all winter in favor of pastels and jewel tones. When I’m thinking of the sun shining, flowers blooming and colorful eggs peeking through the grass, I’m ready to wear some COLOR!

Have you seen the 2017 spring color trends yet? Pantone, considered the world’s leading expert on color trends, named Greenery the 2017 Color of the Year. “Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent.” That sounds good to me! And as a color pro and Certified Image Consultant, I can assure you that this neutral and fresh shade of green looks good on virtually everyone (and would complement almost any home’s color scheme).

In fact, all of their Top Ten Colors for Spring are “a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors.” Island Paradise resembles the color of the Arizona sky on a cloudless day. Pink Yarrow is strikingly similar to a bougainvillea blossom. When you add a splash of cream to your coffee, you have Hazelnut. They’re happy colors! Look them up by name in Google or on Pinterest. 

A royal blue called Lapis Blue, a sweet pink called Pale Dogwood and a gorgeous orange called Flame top the list. These colors will pop up in the clothing at your favorite boutique, in the pillow section of Home Goods and in merchandising displays and website design everywhere you look.

To embrace the spring color trends, check your closet to see if you already own items in these colors. If not, a few new garments or accessories will perk up your wardrobe for spring without investing too much. Just choose the shades that complement your coloring as well as the colors you already own. 

For example, the fuchsia shade would be gorgeous in a handbag. A blue blouse would pair nicely with shades of yellow or coral you already own. A green jacket would brighten up a neutral outfit. A floral scarf is a no-brainer, even for ladies who are print averse.

Experiment this spring! Remember, it’s OK to mix shades of blue. Navy pants, a pale blue top and a turquoise cardigan make a lovely combination. If you love the simple “jeans and white blouse” look, add color with a bangle bracelet, a statement ring or some artisan earrings. Know that gingham, nautical and bold geometric prints are all hot for spring. Even if you do nothing else, paint your toenails in a bold new color. 

Make the spring trends work for you, your wardrobe and your life and you’ll be blooming beautifully.


  1. Love the color updates and can’t wait to put away winter stuff and get some pretty spring and summer outfits!


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