Early Help and Early Education: A Guide for Mamas from Birth to 5


Girls learning and playing in early educationThere you are.  You’re running on a combination of zero sleep, adrenaline, and the perfect smell of baby detergent.  You have this… thing… to somehow keep alive even though your indoor succulent recently decided you weren’t that great at taking care of plants that don’t really take a lot of work to take care of.

How do you survive and even thrive when this thing, this baby, came with no instructions?

We’ve got your back, Mama.  When you need help or are ready to come up for air and enter the world of early education, use these resources to find the perfect match for what you need.



Where to go when you need help

“Holy crap, is THAT normal??”

Parent Partners Plus

Parent Partners Plus connects families to resources beginning in the prenatal stage.  The programs vary widely and include health services as well as child development services.  The various programs offer help such as home visits, developmental screenings, and support for babies transitioning home from NICU services.  

Birth to Five Helpline

The Birth to Five Helpline provides real-time support for parents’ questions about sleep, nutrition, potty training, and lots of other hot topics.  Information is personalized by the Helpline’s team of professional child development staff.  Users can call in, text, or connect via their app!

Where to go for educational opportunities

“Okay I’ve got the basics covered, let’s have some fun!”


Vroom is a service of the Bezos Family Foundation and is accessible as an app, via text, or printed idea cards.  Vroom makes the ordinary extraordinary by giving parents the power to incorporate learning and fun into everyday activities.  No stress and no prep fun and early education learning!

Candelen Play & Learn

A leader in the promotion of quality early education, Candelen has created a multi-week set of classes designed to connect parents and caregivers to their kiddos through activities like yoga, meditation, dance, and hands-on activities. Make friends among adults while having fun with your littles with the help of true early childhood experts!

Your Local Library

Of course, this will vary by location and will be somewhat COVID-dependent in when and if it is scheduled, but libraries generally offer story time and other enrichment opportunities for young families.  Check out Mesa’s offerings, for example!

How to find a trusted daycare

“No one will ever love Baby like I do but let’s try!”

Arizona Child Care Resource and Referral

If you’re looking for a childcare setting for your babes and you don’t know where to start, CCR&R should be your first step.  With a search function and even a helpful evaluation tool to bring to site visits, CCR&R takes some of the mystery out of finding quality childcare!

Quality First Arizona

Quality First, a service of Arizona’s First Things First program, pairs enrolled childcare programs with coaches to help improve the quality of care provided.  Parents can search for childcare centers by their star rating for an extra bit of comfort that your babe will be loved and safe.

AZ Department of Health Child Care Licensing

Before you enroll your babe in any childcare, be sure you check out the DHS website to verify there aren’t any major 🚩 🚩 🚩.

Mommin’ ain’t easy but we hope these resources make the job a little less mystifying and a lot more fun!!!

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