How to DIY the Disney Experience


Let’s face it, COVID-19 has sucked the fun out of a lot of things. It has been hard for everyone to adjust to this new life. For us, a family of HUGE Disney fans, living without the magic of the Disney parks has been a big struggle. The unknown of when we will get to experience that happiness and magic again is daunting. We’ve managed to find ways to celebrate Disney and create Disney Parks magic from our home! We are hoping that other Disney fans out there may enjoy recreating a “Day at Disney” from the comfort of their home, or maybe you just want to spread these out across a full magical week. The choice is yours, but we encourage you to put on the loudest Disney music and think of the happiest things (it’s the same as having wings!), think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind 😉

  1. Breakfast! The magic starts first thing in the morning at the Disney Parks and it should be the same for your Disney day at home! Make yourself some Disney waffles with this cute mickey mouse waffle maker! (For a cheaper option — grab these from your nearby Fry’s or Target.) Feel free to add chocolate chips, whipped cream or sprinkles! (It is a Disney day after all!)
  2. For the adults in the room, feel free to go drive thru Starbucks and grab yourself your favorite coffee beverage. After all, Starbucks is a Disney Parks staple now. Please consider getting the “Cinderella Latte” as it is currently in season! You can throw on your ears and listen to your Disneyland favorites in the car here
  3. Next let the little girls in your life attend the “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique” — It’s time for them to choose their favorite princess dress (or maybe you splurged for your Disney day at home and bought them a new one) and get glammed up! Put their hair in a Princess bun and sprinkle on some glitter. Don’t forget about your boys- they can dress up, too! Feel free to sprinkle glitter on them if they’ll let you! After all, what’s a Disney day without some Pixie Dust? 
  4. Next, it’s time… FOR THE RIDES! Luckily, there are plenty of virtual versions of all your favorite Disney Rides for you to enjoy! We stream them on our TV and move around and shout like we are riding the real thing! Our kids absolutely love it! If your kids are older, and lacking the youthful Disney Spirit- don’t worry they can pick their favorite Disney+ movie or show and settle in for a treat! Some of our favorite rides include: It’s a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean , Little Mermaid, and many more! 
  5. Now it’s time to get outside. If you have the tools to re-create some Disney fun outside- go for it! Swing sets, plastic roller coasters, or slides can all become a “Disney ride” with some decorations and imagination! Feel free to go as big as your imagination takes you. (If you are going REALLY big, and your kids are still small- have some fun by adding this) you can even get your “castle pic” if you want! 
  6. Take a splash! When you get to the late afternoon, it may be time for Splash Mountain! We usually watch the virtual splash mountain ride and then fill up the kid’s play pool and water table and let them go crazy!!!
  7. For lunch and dinner get as creative as you want! You can create a Disneyland feast, or just order a pizza if you’re busy enjoying your day! I personally LOVE a few of these Buzzfeed Disneyland Recipes! So be sure to check them out if you decide to get creative! 
  8. Disneyland Parade, Fireworks, and World of Color are a must do in the parks. At home, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your couch while eating a Disney treat OR if you are fancy I’ve seen some fun friends get a projector and project fireworks or World of Color in the backyard at night! My choices are Magic Happens Parade, This amazing fireworks show, and do not forget World of Color !
  9. Whether you watch some fireworks and World of Color from your couch or go big and project them outside you need to end the night by enjoying the delicious pineapple Dole Whip! You can use the official recipe put out by Disney this summer OR you can support local and go grab it from your local Soda Rush AZ! I will add the Soda Rush AZ frequently carries many other versions of your Disney Parks favorite like their fluffer nutter churro cookie!

It’s not much, but it’s enough for a “Disney Parks Day at Home”, I honestly cannot wait to see your version and how creative you can be! Be sure to tag us in your photos and stories! 


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