Disney Family Date Night: Moana


Welcome back to our year-long adventure! I hope you’re enjoying our new Disney Family Movie Night! For the month of July, I decided to continue some serious summer fun with– Moana! 

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June Movie: Moana

June Craft: Kakamora Paper Plate Craft

We always have lots of these paper plates laying around my house for crafts. This month when staring at them trying to think of a moana themed craft I immediately thought of kakamora! First, I stapled two plates together facing each other. Next, I let them color them all brown. You could paint the brown if you want, I just personally didn’t want to get the paint out this month. Then we took a tan/white paper and made our faces to glue on. I drew the line across the forehead, and then we added the arms and legs with construction paper! My kids loved this and it was simple and easy to clean. 

If your kid doesn’t feel like coloring, I did realize about halfway through ours that you could just take a single paper plate and glue on little rhinestones to make Tamatoa as well! 


June Sensory Fun: Ocean Discovery Calming Bottle

I’m going to say it- I’m sick of sensory bins right now. I feel like we do so many when it’s hot out, I wanted a different sensory related activity for this month. With temper tantrums happening often right now; I thought what better sensory activity then making a calming bottle straight from the ocean.

First you’ll need an empty water bottle, we prefer the Voss, core or smart water bottles because they are more smooth, but you can use any! Take your water bottle and use rubbing alcohol to remove the label and all the sticky residue. Next, you’ll need clear liquid hand soap, glitter, an item of your choice (beads, confetti, tiny fish/sharks, sequins), water with blue food coloring and lastly a glue gun or super glue. After I have my water bottle ready, I let my kids mix up their food coloring with ¾ cup of water so we have our blue water ready to go! I microwaved the blue water for just 10 seconds (the water being warm helps it mix with the soap better) then pour your blue water in the bottle. Next, let your kids drop in whatever craft supplies or decorations you’ve chosen to add. Make sure to add your glitter here, too! 

Fill the rest of the water bottle up with the clear liquid hand soap. Make sure you fill it all of the way to the top because the bottle works best with no air and minimal bubbles in it.

Now you’re ready to glue on the lid! Move it around make sure your kiddo is happy with it before securing the lid on with either a glue gun or super glue. Make sure you let glue dry completely before giving it to your child! 


June Activity: Moana Boat Races

This activity is really two activities in one! We wanted to get outside in our kiddie pool and splash around. So we decided to recreate Moana’s boat to have a little boat race in the kiddie pool! 

You’ll need bamboo straws (if you’re super into it) or just craft popsicle sticks, paper, markers, glue gun, and a tooth pick.

First, let your little one color with the markers, I cut a sail-shaped piece of paper. You can add the signature moana sail, or they can get creative. Next, cut 10 straws to whatever size you want your moana boat/raft. Just make sure they are the same size! Then, either help glue, or glue for them all the bamboo straws together. Then glue your kiddos sail to the toothpick. And glue your toothpick sail onto the raft. 

I honestly recommend doing the gluing while your kids are coloring their sails. Once you have your raft ready, it’s time to go outside and race them! We used our kiddie pool and the kids tried to blow their rafts across the pool. Eventually they just ended up in the pool too! 


June Snack/Treat: Heart of Te Fiti Cookies

The Heart of Te Fiti cookies- I went crazy simple. I just made two different green frostings. One darker than the other. I made plain sugar cookies (you could totally get the pre-made, break apart dough, too), covered them in the lighter green frosting and then used the darker green frosting to make the swirl. They were definitely sugary, and a very special treat! 

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Ashley is Disney-Obsessed Momma to 2 adorable little ones (Charlotte & John) who are both in their toddler years. She has two fun and lovable rescue pups, and an amazing husband who she first met in second grade. Together they all enjoy hiking and supporting small local businesses. In her free time Ashley is a basic mom who, like most, enjoys Target, coffee, and wine! She also enjoys traveling to Disneyland and eating Pineapple Dole Whip frequently. She loves eating all things sweet, and loves the rain! She is a HUGE fan of watching Disney movies and drinking iced coffee year round. It’s never too cold for iced coffee, seriously, she drinks it in the snow. Ashley’s perfect day (besides a day spent in Disneyland) would be snuggling on the couch watching a Disney movie with a great cup of iced coffee, and the door open to the rain outside!


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