Dear Husband, Sorry I’m Not Sorry


Thoughts on being a stay at home mom


Dear Husband,

Today I said I’d do the dishes. They didn’t get done. You came home and remarked on how I promised to finish them but failed to follow through. This isn’t the first time I’ve promised to do house work and left it undone. I actually do this pretty regularly and to my surprise with little guilt.

You see, when we decided I would be a stay-at-home-mom, we both envisioned a clean house with weekly meal planning and a happy baby. Little did I know, accomplishing that on the regular is tough. Some days I’m lucky if I manage to get the wet laundry into the dryer. But you know what, I’m not sorry.

You see, husband, all that time I spend not cleaning, I’m doing something much more profound and life changing. I’m playing with our daughter. I’m feeding her. I’m holding her while she peacefully sleeps in my arms. I’m watching her laugh and giggle and discover her ever changing world.

When I married you, I promised you I’d show you love through growing our family. When I learned I was becoming a mother, I promised our baby I would be the best I could be. I’m following through on the promises I made to you and our sweet baby girl. I’m nurturing her and sharing in the excitement of her latest accomplishment.

So, while I may be putting off some other duties that come along with staying home, I don’t regret it and I won’t be sorry for it. These moments won’t last forever and before I know it she won’t need me like she does right now. One day she’s going to be all grown up and off at school and I’ll be stuck at home with nothing else to do besides the dishes.

Love always,

Your wife


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