Conversations in the Car



I have always heard from my mom friends with older children, that the best time to get to know your kids is while driving in the car. Talking with them when you have them “captive” with their full attention. I have looked forward to these conversations in the car and I have finally come to that phase with my oldest, who is now 5.

I don’t typically have music on in the car. Mainly because Paxton has refused to let me sing along his whole childhood and would make me turn the radio off with a “No mommy!” So in between the riveting games of eye spy, that end in “It’s a tree!” 8 times out of 10, I get to hear the inner thoughts of my son.Conversations in the Car | East Valley Moms Blog He asks deep questions that leave me speechless and unprepared. He blurts out the funniest things that I have ever heard and I laugh tears. He says the most profound statement so easily and then moves onto the next “eye spy with my little eye…”

Just yesterday this conversation happened…

Paxton: “Mom, do you know how I know which car is ours?

Me: “How?”

Paxton: “Because I see it’s the car with the patch on it”

Me: “Oh yea buddy, we need to get that fixed” (We have duct tape on our bumper from hitting debris on the freeway)

Paxton: “No don’t Mom, it makes our car special. I love it!”

How awesome it is to look through the lens of a child and see beauty in something that gives me so much anxious stress and honestly, feelings of embarrassment in public. On more than one occasion he has left me lost in thought and putting myself in check with how I look at the world, or what I stress about when I shouldn’t.

He still thinks that I am the best, and that I have all the answers. So for now I will continue to let him think that, because I know that won’t always be the case. When those days come, I will take on the role of chauffeur, listening to his conversations with friends in the car. Continuing to learn more about him, and taking in all the life lessons I can.


  1. So true and already a great connection you have together. It will just keep building for you! Talking in the car is now my most essential conversations with my now almost 20 year old child.

  2. Wonderful and so insightful so true the mind of our children teach us the reality of life – we learn so much if we just listen with out hearts – great read!!


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