Stop Telling Me My Children Don’t Look Alike


One of my biggest pet peeves, something that brings out my anxiety, is someone telling me my children do not look alike.

Well thank you captain obvious.

Stop Telling Me My Children Don't Look Alike | East Valley Moms Blog

I have one child with blonde hair, blue eyes; and one child with brown hair and brown eyes. When you see a picture of our family, I get that so-and-so looks so much like mom or vice versa like dad. But when you are in front of both my children and say “Oh you have such beautiful blue eyes, my they don’t look like brothers!” I get extremely upset inside. 
I play it off and say with both have his and her children, one who looks like either of us.

But the truth is. My children have two different dads.

My oldest knows nothing of this, and only knows ONE daddy, his daddy. Even I can tell when he’s uncomfortable that you comment on the fact they look so different. I know it bothers him when no one ever comments on his brown eyes. Then he acts out, or is “obnoxious” so someone notices him too. 

I hate feeling uncomfortable when those statements are made, I hate the awkwardness and the feeling of guilt. I usually don’t mind blunt people, but if I had a dollar every time someone said “your kids look nothing alike”. Well, I would have a good chunk of change.

So please, next time you see siblings that look different. Please keep those comments to yourself, many people don’t mean harm by them, but sometimes it’s just not appropriate.



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